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Darry Curtis and Sodapop Curtis.

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If you are referring the book the outsiders they died in a car crash

"no you are not a man your a girl and a guy so yeah"

They died in a car accident shortly before the book starts.

His brothers Darry and Sodapop. Along with Steve, Johnny, Two-Bit and Dally.

To get through to his brother Darry.

In The Outsiders, Ponyboy Curtis is the characters real name. His father gave him the name along with his brothers Sodapop and Darryl.

Ponyboy's parents die before the book begins. Other than that, no one in his actual family dies.

it brought johnny's and ponyboys friendship closer.

His full name was Ponyboy Michael Curtis

Ponyboy's last name is "Curtis."

from ponyboys point of view Darrys dream is to get rid of ponyboy

ponyboys hair was a symbol because from that day on he looked didffernet

The name of Ponyboy's mother isn't mentioned in the book the Outsiders. But Pony's parents did DIE in a auto wreak (car crash). I hope that might help.

Read books, watch movies, draw, and football with the gang

Yes Darry was Sodapop and Ponyboys older brother. He was very strict but had a reason for it.

darry and pony become better brothers.

The book Outsiders in a fiction book

if your talking about Outsiders Ponyboys other gang members are Johnny, Dallas, and Soda

Ponyboy had gotten slapped by Darry and Ponyboy runs away from home with Johnny

Ponyboy has 2 brothers Darry Curtis and Sodapop Curtis.

i know that they are 3 brothers and they are in the greasers gang in the book the outsiders

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