Who are some famous athletes from Peru?

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Roberto Abugattas, Fernando Abugattas, Fernando Acevedo, Hernán Alzamora, Mario Bazán,
Max Berendson, Kimberly García, Patricia Guerrero, Carmela Bolivár Ríos, María Portillo Cruz, and many others.
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Who are some famous people from Peru?

Sofia Mulanovich (born June 24, 1983 in Lima, Perú) is a Peruviansurfer of Serbo-Croatian descent. She is the first Peruvian surferever to win an Association of Surfing Pro

Who are some famous artists from Peru?

One of the most remarkable artists from Peru is singer Gian Marco who worked under the wings of Gloria Estefan (Miami sound machine) and now has a very successful carrier as a

Who were some famous athletes of the 1950s?

In the 1950s, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, and Willie Mays weresome of the famous athletes. Others include Rocky Marciano, FloydPatterson, Hank Aaron, and Arnold Palmer.

Who are some famous people in Peru?

Paolo Guerrero is a famous soccer player. Alex Acuña is a famous drummer. Henry Ian Cusick is an actor best known for the televisionshow Lost.

Who are some famous football players from Peru?

\nJuan Valdivieso Padilla, Carlos Alejandro Villanueva Martinez, Pedro Gonzales, Ramon Mifflin, Héctor Chimpitaz, Luis Rubiños, Nicolás Fuentes, Orlando de la Torre,

What are some famous songs in Peru?

La Primavera, a childrens song. Ayahuasca songs from the Peruvian Amazon include, Icaro de Electricidad, Icaro de Candela, Cubrir con la Manta, Arcana para Defensa, Arcana de
In Peru

What are some famous athletics in Peru?

Adan Balbín is a Peruvian footballer he now plays for Universidad San Martín. Agustin Castillo is a retired Peruvian footballer He is the head coach of Sport Boys in Per