Who are some famous athletes from Peru?

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In Peru
Roberto Abugattas, Fernando Abugattas, Fernando Acevedo, Hernán Alzamora, Mario Bazán,
Max Berendson, Kimberly García, Patricia Guerrero, Carmela Bolivár Ríos, María Portillo Cruz, and many others.
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Who are some famous Panamanian athletes?

Answer . Hector Lopez NY Yankees baseball champions\n . Ismael "El Tigre" Laguna world boxin champion\n . Rolando Blackman, Former NBA basketball player, Dallas Mavericks\n . Panama Al Brown, world boxing champion, first Hispanic world champion in history\n . Mario ButlerBSN basketball player ( Full Answer )

Where are famous places in Peru?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe most famous is Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca pleasure palace built of stone and perched on top of a mountain. Machu Picchu was only discovered by Westerners in 1911, but was built around 1450. \nYou can reach it by taking a 4-day guided hike along the "Inca Trail ( Full Answer )

Who are some famous evangelical Christian athletes?

Answer Bobby Bowden - college football coa Dennis Byrd - former profession football player Vince Carter - professional basketball player Bob Christian - professional football player Randall Cunningham - professional football player Joe Gibbs - former professional football coach Rosie Gri ( Full Answer )

Who are some famous Catholic athletes?

All are Catholics! Mike Sweeney - KC Royals Mike Piazza - Oakland A's David Eckstein - St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Suppan - Milwaukee Brewers Jack McKeon - former Mgr Tommy Lasorda - former Mgr Rich Donnelly - Coach Milwaukee Brewers Roger Maris - St. Louis Cardinals Sammy Sosa - Texas ( Full Answer )

Who are some famous people from Peru?

Sofia Mulanovich (born June 24, 1983 in Lima, Perú) is a Peruviansurfer of Serbo-Croatian descent. She is the first Peruvian surferever to win an Association of Surfing Professionals WorldChampionship Tour event. - Kina Malpartida (March 25, 1980- Lima, Perú ) is a femaleprofessional boxer. ( Full Answer )

What is Peru famous for?

Machu Picchu Peru also shares the Amazon Rainforest, Andes Mountains, and is the source of the Amazon River.

Who are some famous artists from Peru?

One of the most remarkable artists from Peru is singer Gian Marco who worked under the wings of Gloria Estefan (Miami sound machine) and now has a very successful carrier as a singer and song writer (he has written songs for Gloria estefan, Marc Anthony, Jaci Velásquez, Jon Secada, Emmanuelle and ( Full Answer )

Who is famous in Peru?

Famous people in Peru include Maria Mantilla, Nathalie Kelley, andMonte Bryan Money Jr. Other famous people from Peru include LinaMedina and Wendy Sulca.

A Famous River in Peru?

I don't know all of them (21 I think), but I can mention the Rimac in Lima, Urubamba in Cuzco and of course the Amazon river in the rainforest formed by the Marañon river and the Ucayali river.

Who are some famous Muslim Athletes?

Muhammad Ali Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Hossein Reza Zadeh Matthew Saad Muhammad Amir Khan Danny Williams Hasim Rahman Dwight Muhammad Qawi Woon-Jae Lee Abdul-Salam Bilal Hakeem Olajuwon Those are just a few their are many more blessed Muslim brothers and sisters to play all kinds of sp ( Full Answer )

Who were some famous athletes of India?

Some famous athletes of India include P.T.Usha, the track and fieldstar and Anjubobby George the Olympic medalist. Other famousathletes include A. G. Kripal Singh the cricket player.

A famous person in Peru?

Peru is home to champion athletes, beauty queens, actors, authors,and even children's literature characters. Sofia Mulanovich is aPeruvian champion women surfer. Mara Julia Mantilla, a native ofPeru, was crowned Miss World in 2004. The children's literaturecharacter, Paddington Bear, originated in P ( Full Answer )

Who were some famous athletes of the 1950s?

In the 1950s, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, and Willie Mays weresome of the famous athletes. Others include Rocky Marciano, FloydPatterson, Hank Aaron, and Arnold Palmer.

Who are some famous athletes from Vermont?

1) Carlton Fisk - Baseball Hall of Famer born in Bellows Falls. 2) Deric Barton - Current Oakland Athletics first baseman born in Springfield. 3) Patty Sheehan - Hall of Fame golfer born in Middlebury. 4) John LeClair - hockey player born in St. Albans. 5) Andrea Mead-Lawrence - first Americ ( Full Answer )

Who are some famous Tae Kwon Do athletes?


Who are some famous athletes from Mexico?

Hugo Sanchez. Born in Mexico City, Sanchez is hailed as the greatest Mexican soccer player of all time. He won five consecutive league titles with Spanish giant Real Madrid, and scored 46 goals playing for the Mexican National team, including three World Cup appearances. Sanchez was famous for his ( Full Answer )

Does Peru have a famous dance?

Merengue is the most common dance in the cities and I would say the most famous. Marinera, a coastal dance, is often called the "dance of Peru." Also, the indigenous dances are still practiced and are quite popular among the Quechua.

3 famous people from Peru?

The fourth most populous country in South America. Some famouspeople that are from Peru include St. Rosa de Lima, Gaston Acurio,and Christian Meier.

Who are some of the famous hispanic female athletes?

Mary Joe Fernandez, Rosemary Casal, and Lorena Ochoa = tennis Rebecca Lobo = basketball Diana Lopez = Tae Kwon Do Olympics 08 Jessica Mendoza, Lisa Fernandez = softball Dara Torres = swimming Veronica Charlyn Corral = soccer Milka Duno = Nascar Jennifer Rodriguez = speed racing Brend ( Full Answer )

Who are some famous people in Peru?

Paolo Guerrero is a famous soccer player. Alex Acuña is a famous drummer. Henry Ian Cusick is an actor best known for the televisionshow Lost.

Who are some famous double dutch athletes?

The Fantastic Four Double Dutch Team...Delores Brown, Adrienne Adams, De'Shone Adams and Robin Oakes. They were part of the original teams who traveled around the world teaching Double Dutch. They starred in two McDonald's Commericals and in the documentary "Pick Up Your Feet". At one point they hel ( Full Answer )

Can you name some famous athletics players?

Some famous Oakland Athletics players are Ty Cobb, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, Willie McCovey who in 1968 and 1969 led the National League in home runs and runs. Other players are Joe Morgan (current ESPN baseball analyst) and Don Sutton.

Who are some famous athletes from Pakistan?

the most famous athletes are dominated by cricket, field hockey, and Squash. The countries most famous cricket stars from the 80's to today are Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram.. Field Hockey greatest most famous stars are Hasan Sardar, Samiullah, Islahuddin,. and squash greatest is Janghir ( Full Answer )

Who are some famous athletes from Bulgaria?

athlets with prizes and honour: stefka kostadinova- high jump, markov- triple jump, Family maleevi- tennis, Yanko Russev- Weight lifting ....

Who are some famous athletes from Moldova?

Larissa Alexandrova-Popova won the first gold medal (rowing) at the 1980 Olympic games in Moscow. After her sports career, she dedicated herself to the promotion of women in sport and was awarded the 2003 IOC Women and Sport Trophy for the European continent in recognition of her outstanding contrib ( Full Answer )

What are some famous female athletes?

well i know of two female tennis players and their names are Vnues Williams and Serena Williams. These two are most deffinatly sisters!!!!!!! so does that answer your question?? cause it answers mine for sure!!

Who are some famous football players from Peru?

\nJuan Valdivieso Padilla, Carlos Alejandro Villanueva Martinez, Pedro Gonzales, Ramon Mifflin, Héctor Chimpitaz, Luis Rubiños, Nicolás Fuentes, Orlando de la Torre, Julio Baylon, Roberto Challe, Pedro Pablo León, Teófilo Cubillas, Alberto Gallardo, Arturo Fernández, Juan Carlos Ob ( Full Answer )

What are some famous songs in Peru?

La Primavera, a childrens song. Ayahuasca songs from the Peruvian Amazon include, Icaro de Electricidad, Icaro de Candela, Cubrir con la Manta, Arcana para Defensa, Arcana de Palos, Arcana de Protecion. Also Il Imenso Altiplano, Mi China Lola, El Serranito, Cachirpunta. Soy Criollo... too many to me ( Full Answer )

Who are some famous athletes in the winter Olympics?

1) Bjørn Dæhlie, cross country skier from Norway - holds the Winter Olympics record for most gold medals won (8) and most total medals won (12 - 8 gold and 4 silver). 2) Eric Heiden, speed skater from the United States - holds the Winter Olympics record for most gold medals won (5) in a sing ( Full Answer )

Who are some famous athletes from Ecuador?

some famous athletes from Ecuador are valencia who plays for Manchester, salvador who plays for real Madrid, Roberto who plays for Barcelona, juan who plays in liver pool, carlos who plays in Celtic, Eli who plays in cruz azul, sergio whoo plays in Santos and many more

Who were some famous athletes in the 60's?

The top 10: Muhammed Ali, Jim Brown, Mickey Mantle, Arnold Palmer, Wilma Rudolph, Johnny Unitas, Bill Russel, Willie Mays, Wilt Chamberlain, and Gordie Howe

What are some famous athletics in Peru?

Adan Balbín is a Peruvian footballer he now plays for Universidad San Martín. Agustin Castillo is a retired Peruvian footballer He is the head coach of Sport Boys in Peru. Alejandra de la Guerra is a former Peruvian volleyball player who won a silver medal in Seoul, South Korea.

Who are some famous Mormon athletes?

Steve Young, Ty Detmer, Vai Sikahema, Jimmer Fredette, Danny Ainge, Thurl Bailey, Shawn Bradley, Reno Mahe, Dale Murphy, Harmon Killebrew (Minnesota Twins), Johnny Miller (golf). Steve Young

Who are some famous Harvard athletes?

"Harvard has produced many pro athletes over the years. Some of the most notable include NHL player Steve Moore, NFL center Matt Birk, figure skate Paul Wylie, and NBA player Jeremy Lin."

Who are some famous Olympic athletes from or of Finland?

1) Paavo Nurmi - 12 medals (9 gold, 3 silver) in athletics at the 1920, 1924, and 1928 Summer Games. 2) Heikki Savolainen - 9 medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 6 bronze) in gymnastics at the 1928, 1932, 1936, 1948, and 1952 Summer Games. 3) Ville Ritola - 8 medals (5 gold, 3 silver) in speed skating at ( Full Answer )

Who are some famous athletes from Pennslyvainia?

Do you mean the state, Pennsylvania? Well, there's the Phillies, Pirates, Flyers... But seriously, Joe Namath, Dan Marino, Kobe Bryant, and I think Mike Piazza. There's many more. I just wanted to add my little joke.

Who are some famous athletes of Washington state?

There are many famous athletes from Washington state including Olympian Nathan Adrian, Travis Ishikawa of the San Francisco Giants, and former MLB player Billy North.

What is Ayacucho Peru famous for?

Ayacucho, in Peru is famous for its thirty three churches. Each one signifies a year in the life of Jesus. Large religious celebrations are held, especially over the holy week of Easter.