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Some famous people from Panama are:

Roberto "Manos de Piedra" Duran, former light and welter weight world champion boxer.

Ruben Blades -- Actor, singer, songwriter.

Carlos Lee -- pro Baseball player.

Daphne Rubin Vega -- singer and Broadway actress

Luis Russell -- international jazz musician

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Who are some famous people born in Panama?

There are many famous people from Panama. Some include world boxing champion Pedro Alcazar, Princess Angela of Liechtenstein, actor J. August Richards, and former Miss Universe Justine Pasek.

Famous people from Panama?

mariano rivera

Who are some famous people who were born in Panama City?

i think one of them would be ismael rivera

Who are some famous people in Panama?

in sports: Robert Duran (famous boxer) and Carlos Lee (famous baseball player) and in music: Ruben Blades (famous singer)

Famous landmarks in panama?

a famous landmark in panama is the Panama Canal.

What is Panama famous for?

The Panama Canal is the most famous place in Panama.

What famous places are in Panama?

There are a variety of famous places in Panama. Some of these include the Panama Canal, Cerro Chirripo, Fuerte San Lorenzo, Lake Gatun and Portobello.

What are some sports that panama people love?

People from Panama enjoy baseball.

Who are some famous actors from Panama?

Vincent Laresca

What are some popular landmarks in Panama?

panama canal, baja mono loop, etc. If you want more, google it: Famous landmarks in panama

What are some famous museums in Panama?

"The Bridge of Life" Museum

Who is 1 famous people in panama?

Rod Carew, a MLB player

What is one of the most famous cities in Panama?

Panama City is the most famous.

What is panama mostly famous for?

the panama canal !

What is Panama City Panama famous for?

The city is on the Pacific end on the Panama Canal.

What country may panama be famous for?

Panama is famous for its Canal which joins the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

What capital city in Central America is on a famous canal?

Panama City, Panama is on the Panama Canal.

Who are some famous painters from Panama?

Panama is home to a couple famous painters Guillermo Trujillo and Alfredo Sinclair. Another painter called Roberto Lewis is known for his large murals of Isla Taboga.

Do some people do weddings for famous people?

some people can' most people do if they are famous

What are the names of Panama's most famous people?

Tatiana Ali (from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) is from Panama. John Rujano of the New York Yankees is from Panama.

What sports do people in Panama play?

People in Panama play soccer, baseball, basketball, and some practice the triathalon. Baseball is the national sport.

What sports are famous in panama?

Panama sports include basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, boxing, golf, cycling, horse racing and many more. Some of the most famous international players hail from this country.

Who are some famous people of haiti?

Who are some famous people in Haiti

Who are some famous people from botswana?

Who are some famous people from botswana?

Most famous landmark in Panama City?

Not to sure which one your talking about but the one i know is in Panama in Latin America the famous landmark would most likely be the Panama Canal.

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