Who are some of the best manufacturers of ATX Motherboards?


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ATX Motherboards are often the preferred motherboard to use in a desktop computer. According to TechRadar, some of the best manufacturers of the Micro ATX motherboards are ASUS, AMD, MSI and Sapphire.

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The most popular types of motherboards in use today include the Baby AT, ATX, and Micro ATX format motherboards. There are also numerous proprietary motherboards created by large computer manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, and Compaq sold every year which do not conform to any industry standard format.

The four most popular motherboards types on the market today include ATX, Micro ATX, Baby AT, and proprietary boards. Proprietary motherboards are created by large PC manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, and Compaq, and are sold as part of their PCs.

Types of MotherboardsA mother board's primary purpose is to house the CPU and allow all devices to communicate with it and with each other. The two most popular motherboards are the Older AT, and the newer ATX. There are also:ATATXMini-ATXMicro-ATXLPXNLXBTX

There are four types of motherboards, which is the main circuit board of a computer. There are XT motherboards, AT motherboards, baby AT motherboards, and ATX motherboards.

A micro ATX board is a slightly smaller version, and most motherboards are either ATX or micro ATX these days.

Asus is simply a manufacturer that makes atx and non-atx motherboards. Whether a motherboard is ATX or not is specific to that single model.

ATX motherboards are best suited to providing legacy slots and ports (such as PCI).

Yes, if it is an ATX motherboard. The motherboard specifications should say specifically if it is ATX, mini ATX, BTX, ITX, etc. Most motherboards are ATX.

The Gigabyte X3 will work with some HP motherboards, check with HP to see if your computer has an ATX or mini-ATX motherboard.

One of the best is the Intel D865GVHZ ATX Motherboard w/Pentium 4 2.4GHz CPU.

ATX, MicroATX, Flex ATX, BTX, and NLX, In that order.

There are lots of different types of motherboards but the common ones are ATX, Mini ATX and Micro ATX. Full list is found in the related link.

ATX is the form factor which Motherboards, Computer Cases and Graphics Cards use to standardise sizing. An ATX form-factor Motherboard will fit an ATX Case, and an ATX Graphics Card will fit in the case as well.

That all depends. Most Z270 Motherboards will fit.. the case supports ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX form factor boards. But you will not be able to fit E-ATX motherboards.

Most ATX motherboards offer a choice of several similar processors. The manufacturer decides which processors can used by a specific ATX motherboard. ATX is a physical and electrical specification. ATX does not define a specific central processor, so theoretically an ATX motherboard could be created for any type or brand of processor that can function within the specification. Common ATX motherboards use either an Intel processor or an AMD processor.

For the most part it's size, and AT is very old computer wise. See here for more detail:

SATA is designed to power hard drives and CD/DVD devices, ATX is designed for motherboards.

Depending on what type of motherboard, the number of memory slots can vary. For desktops, most ATX motherboards have 4 memory slots, however some newer ones with LGA2011 socket types have 8 memory slots. Then there are some micro-ATX and some ITX motherboards that have 2 slots.If you're wondering about server or supercomputer motherboards, then there are more possibilities than the ones I just mentioned.

Any standardized case will hold any motherboards of that form factor, such as ATX or microATX.

at motherboards which are not used nowadays, atx motherboard has ps2 connectors which were replaced by usb keyboards

A form factor of a motherboard is it's size relative to other motherboards, some computer cases cannot support motherboards who's form factors are too small, or large for it.The form factors I can remember off the top of my head are:ATXMicro ATXMini ITXNano ITXPico ITX

The form factor is the size, shape and layout of the motherboard...The different types areATX (industry standard)BTXITXExtended ATX (Server type board)MTX

With the exception of some various expensive industrial motherboards, you will not find any ISA slots on a motherboard. In order to be certified for Windows 2000 and later, Microsoft required that manufacturers remove ISA slots from their boards.

XL-ATX, is a name EVGA have given their upcoming PC motherboards which have more expansion slots (and longer length) than standard ATX boards. This means the board has an additional row of mounting holes on the bottom, and require a larger case than the standard ATX cases, as it also have more expansion card slots. Though the XL-ATX is not yet officially a form factor standard, it is getting some renown, as other manufacturers like Gigabyte (X58 UD9) are starting to use it.

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