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Yes that was his celebritie crush youtube it. mindless behavior crushes

hey this is prodigy frrom mb and we like her as a friend but we have no secret crushes

Mindless Behavior does not have their own magazine but they are in some others.

To some people they do think Mindless Behavior is cute, and to some no.

Some members of Mindless Behavior may have a KIK account, but they don't share it with the public.

They never speak about their crushes in real life, but they do have celebrity crushes: Roc Royal = Paige Hurd Prodigy = Keke Palmer Princeton = Amber Rose (His changes about every week tho) Ray Ray = Nicki Minaj

I don't think you should get into peoples business Mr.SnoodyPants. Only Mindless Behaviour know their crushes, so don't get into their business.

Some mindless behavior has already happened on episodes Sonny With A Chance

mindless behavior is from LA

what is mindless behavior address

how to get the ticket mindless behavior

i hate mindless behavior. i will beet them

no mindless behavior is not FAKE

I think there's some clothes of Mindless Behavior at Kmart. Also, you can get some off their website. You're gonna have to order it.

To my knowledge they are all single. But they do have crushes. They're 14 year old boys what do you expect?

mindless behavior lives in LA

Mindless Behavior do not like haters

There are tons of mindless behavior quizzes!

Yes mindless behavior has a voxer

How to face time mindless behavior

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