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There have been hundreds

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Q: Who are the Catholic players to play for rangers?
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Name all black players to play for Rangers?

howard gayle

How many Canadian players play for the New York Rangers?


Who are the Swedish players who played for rangers?

Can you tell me all swedish players who plaed with Rangers

Who did souness sign for rangers?

he signed the first catholic to play for rangers since world war 1, a player who also played for celtic, mo johnston

How many former Glasgow rangers players play in the English premier league?

Carlos Cuellar, Zurab Khizanishvili

Is army men rts two player?

Nop. it is not possible to play 2 players in amrts. But if u want to play. u can play it online on Game rangers.

What American Soccer players play in the Scottish Premier League?

DaMarcus Beasley - Rangers - 2007-2010Alejandro Bedoya - Rangers - 2011-2012Carlos Bocanegra - Rangers - 2011-2013Dominic Cervi - Celtic - 2008-2012Maurice Edu - Rangers - 2008-2012Claudio Reyna - Rangers - 1998-2002

Do soccer players have to be catholic?

No, soccer is a sport, not a faith. You don't have to belong to any faith to play.

Name the players who played for rangers during 9 in a row?

84 players played a part in rangers 9 in a row

What team has supplied the most players to play for Scotland at football?

Rangers and Celtic used to supply most of the players for Scotland. Nowadays Scottish players are from a wide range of clubs from Manchester United to Blackpool and Wigan

Does Ryan giggs support rangers?

no he is catholic

Are Celtic FC still a full catholic club?

No, Celtic will sign and play players of all or any religious denomination.