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Neil Finn Nick Seymour

Paul Hester

They had amazing vocals and sound for being a trio. The band has gone through many changes since the eighties when it was originally formed.

the members now are:

Neil Finn

Nick Seymour

Mark Hart

Matt Sherod

Past Members were:

Paul Hester - (founding) died in 2005

Craig Hooper

Eddie Rayner

Tim Finn

Peter Jones

Liam Finn

Davey Lane

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Crowded House was created in 1985.

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Who was in crowded house after Paul Hester committed suicide?

Crowded House were no longer a band when Paul committed suicide because they broke up in 1996 and he took his own life in 2005... they've since reformed (as of 2007) with new drummer Matt Sherrod and old members Mark Hart, Nick Seymour and Neil Finn.

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