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Sir James Galway is one of the best. He was one of the first Flute players to have a career as a soloist, although he did play in an orchestra for a decade and a half. His career is still active, he plays internationally, and is of course considered one of the best flute players in the world.

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Who are some famous female flute players?

One of them are Jeanne Baxtresser. She is one of the best in the world!

Who are the best flute players on youtube?

I think it's Greg Patillo. He can beat box while playing the flute. I'm not sure about any other flute players but this guy is amazing, so good.

Who are the most famous flute playerS?

Some famous flute players include James Galway and Jeanne Bastresser. Alexa Still and Viviana Guzman are other famous flute players.

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