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Who are the celebrity crushes of jiro wang?

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ella,hebe,selina,rainie,genie and others more

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When was Jiro Wang born?

Jiro Wang was born on August 24, 1981.

What nicknames does Jiro Wang go by?

Jiro Wang goes by Da Dong.

What is the birth name of Jiro Wang?

Jiro Wang's birth name is Wang Dong Cheng.

How old is Jiro Wang?

Jiro Wang is 30 years old (birthdate: August 24, 1981).

What is the name of Jiro Wang's past girlfriend?

hello i asking for jiro wang is what name of girlfriend hello i asking for jiro wang is what name of girlfriend

Who is jiro wang?

Jiro Wang is one member of the Taiwanese four-member boy band, Fahrenheit. He is also an actor in numerous Taiwanese dramas.

Does Jiro Wang likes Ella Chen?

i think jiro just likes ella as a friend

Is it Jiro wang bisexual?

He says he's straight.

Does david achuleta have a crush on Lady Gaga?

No. David says he has no celebrity crushes. He doesn't believe in celebrity crushes.

What jiro wang hobby?

Jiro likes to draw, workout, play the guitar, and ride his motorcycle on his free time.

What are the three crushes?

the three crushes are local, long distant's and celebrity

What is jiro Wang real Friendster account?

Is jiro wang engaged?

He is single as far as the public's knowledge

Does Jiro Wang have a Twitter account?

There is no official Twitter account.

Does jiro wang smoke?

no he doesn't, it's a lousy rumor

What kind of girl jiro wang like?

He likes mixed girls

Is jiro wang single?

Yes. As of now that's what he tells the press.

What is Jiro Wang cell phone number?

His number should be private.

Do mindless behavior have celebrity crushes?


What is Jiro Wong's real name?

Birth Name: Wang Dong Cheng

Will I ever meet Jiro Wang?

Yes if you choose to visit Asia and attend one of his events.

Does jiro wang have a girlfriend currently April 19 1010?

No, he was born on August 24, 1981

Who is Aaron Yan's best friend?

His best friend is Jiro Wang, his band member. As far as I know.

Who is the leader of the taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit?

The leader is Jiro wang. i think its better if the members of Fahrenheit are jiro wang danson tang aaron yan and Wu chun. Calvin is nothing in th band I have to disagree with calvin is nothing in the band. I think he is the best looking then comes Aaron yan then jiro . Then it would have been wu chun be he is no longer in the band

Is cyndi wang and jiro wang related?

Uh I don't think they would act as a couple on MoMo love and kiss and etc. if they was related. Anyway they are both to popular for that to happen.