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they are Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

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Q: Who are the character of twilight hugs?
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Twilight hugs by genoveva edroza matute?

summary of twilight hugs by genoveva matite

What is a summary of Twilight Hugs?

All i know Twilight Hugs is about a Filipino story authored by Genoveva Edroza-Matute. Anyway is the very very very short summary is about a grandma near her twilight years and is being passed on to one child to another.

Is Ebany Cullen a character in the Twilight books?

There is no such character as Ebany Cullen in Twilight.

There is supposedly a character in Twilight named Julie Hammond who is she?

There is no character named "Julie" in Twilight

How do you spell roselie for Twilight?

The character in the Twilight series is RosalieHale.

Is there a character named Tommy in the twilight book?

In the first book of the twilight series "Twilight" there is no character named "Tommy". I have not read all the books, but in the first, there is no Tommy.

Is Hamania from Harry Potter in Twilight?

There is no character with the name in 'Hamania' in Harry Potter or Twilight. If you mean Hermione Granger, then no she is not a character in Twilight and if you are reffering to the actress who played Hermione, Emma Watson, then no she is not in Twilight.

Who is impa in twilight?

That is not a character in Twilight at all; whoever told you that is an idiot.

Who is the coolest character in twilight?


What is Justin Bieber's favorite twilight character?

He dnt got 1 he doesn't like twilightJustin biebers twilight character is Alice and Bella.

What is the character of Emily Browning in the Twilight movie?

Emily Browning isn't in the Twilight movie.

Which branch of Christian is Charlie in Twilight?

AS Twilight is fictional it is whatever the author decides the character to be.