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ibong adarna,reyna valeriana,haring fernando, don juan,don diego,don pedro,donya juana,donya leonora,donya maria, serpyente, higante...

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The main characters in the Filipino epic Ibong Adarna are Don Fernando, his three sons (Pedro, Diego, and Juan), Princess Maria, and the mystical bird Ibong Adarna.

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he is the love iterest of dona maria

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Q: Who are the characters in Ibong Adarna?
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don juan

What are the questions that you can ask in ibong adarna?

Who are the main characters in "Ibong Adarna"? What is the significance of the magical bird in the story? How does the theme of loyalty play out in the narrative? How does the story reflect Filipino culture and values?

Who are the characters in ibong adarna and their roles?

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How does drama reflects in real life ibong adarna?

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Who are the characters on ibong adarna?

The main characters in "Ibong Adarna" are Don Juan, his two brothers, and the mystical bird itself, Ibong Adarna. The story revolves around Don Juan's quest to find the magical bird, which has incredible healing powers and a beautiful voice that can put people to sleep.

What are the 10 characters ng ibong adarna?

MAJORThe Adarna BirdKing FernandoQueen ValerianaDon PedroDon DiegoDon JuanMINORPrincess JuanaPrincess LeonoraKing SalermoPrincess Maria Blancahaha :))

What are the setting of Ibong adarna?

The settings of Ibong Adarna: 1. The Kingdom of Berbanya - where King Fernando, Queen Valeriana and their three sons lived. 2. The mountain of Tabor- where Ibong Adarna lived on the nest in the tree of Piedras Platas

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