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Simon martin, Dr Felthem, Mr Cartright. Mrs Simon, Miss Arnott, Martin Simon gwynn, russ, hyacinth,

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The main characters in "Flour Babies" by Anne Fine are Simon Martin, Mr. Cartwright (the teacher), and the students in Simon’s class who also participate in the project. The story revolves around Simon and his classmates being given the responsibility of caring for a bag of flour as if it were a baby for a school project.

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Q: Who are the characters of Flour Babies by Anne Fine?
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Where is Simon father in flour babies by Anne Fine?

basiclly he died in a sailing boat

In the book flour babies by Anne Fine what does mr cartwright plead dr feltham for?

mr. c wants dr. f to stop the topic flour babies.....but into the story it turns out that the flour babies were a great idea and that mr.c's class learn responsibility.

What song did mr cartwright sing in the book flour babies by Anne Fine?

the song that Mr Cartright sang was sail away

Why did Anne Fine write Flour Babies?

The idea for Flour Babies came from a newspaper article that Anne Fine read, where a class of children were set the task of looking after a bag of flour as if it were a baby. As they did this, they learned that bringing up a baby is a very demanding and responsible task, and not at all easy.Anne took the basic facts, which were written for adults, and turned them into a book for children, where the children learn the upsides and downsides of bringing up a baby. Hopefully, this will make more young people realise that pregnancy is not an easy option.

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