Who are the characters of WWE?

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The WWE Superstars And Divas

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Q: Who are the characters of WWE?
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What are some characters found on WWE shirts?

Some characters found on WWE shirts include Mankind, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. You can purchase WWE shirts online from retailers such as Amazon.

Wwe 2010 unlock characters in ps2?


Who are the characters in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 09?


How are the superstars in wwe 2009?

There are about 40-45 characters in scr09

How do you unlock characters on wwe 2011?

You have to complete road to wrestle-manias.

How do you create WWE Characters that are not on the roster?

Go to create mode, then to create a superstar.

How do you unlock non playable characters?

go to wretleslemanae on the and you can unlock some wwe supperstars

I was wandering if the game will have more superstars on the roster and one of the superstars asked a wwe diva to marry him and she said yes.also have a wedding on the show and the wwe diva is the man?

there are more characters to be unlocked

How do you unlock characters on WWE smackdown vs raw 2010?

Do the wrestlers Road to WrestleMania and complete the optianal goals.

How do you get downloaded chracters on WWE 2011 smackdown vs raw?

You can download characters from PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE.

How do you download downloadable characters to WWE all stars for the wii?

go to the internet and type www.million dollar

Is WWE 2012 for PSP?

Maybe no, there is/are news that tells that WWE' 12 will not launch on PSP. They said that the "No PSP and PS2" for WWE '12. There is the game WWE '12, but some characters are not the same picture as the name of the character, for example: Shad Gaspard' picture is Sin Cara's, Eve's picture is Batista's. That was what happen to my WWE '12 on PSP, I think that the game was only the hacked or modify of WWE SVR 2011.

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