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The characters in "The Question of Fidelity" by Gemino Abad are a married couple, Andong and Mameng. The story explores themes of love, trust, and fidelity in their relationship as they navigate challenges and doubts about their marriage.

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Q: Who are the characters of the story the question of fidelity by Gemino Abad?
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What does the story the question of fidelity by gemino abad tells about?

ñThe Question of Fidelityî is one of a collection of stories written by Filipino author Gemino Abad in ñA MakeShift Sun: Stories & Poems.î In it, Abad probes how both the identity of Filipino and memory play a role in one�s life.

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The moral lesson of the story "A Question of Fidelity" is that honesty and faithfulness are important in relationships, and betraying someone's trust can have serious consequences. It also emphasizes the importance of open communication and addressing doubts or concerns in a relationship rather than resorting to deception.

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