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Soldiers from member countries of Commonwealth form the Commonwealth Force. They are deputed for peace keeping in a commonwealth member country and are retained till the situation normalizes.

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Q: Who are the commonwealth forces?
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When was British Commonwealth Forces Korea created?

British Commonwealth Forces Korea was created in 1950.

Am a ugandan can you join the british army?

Yes Uganda is a Commonwealth nation. Any citizen of any Commonwealth nation is permitted by British Forces regulations to enlist in the British Forces, so long as their country was in the Commonwealth at the time of their birth (thus, a citizen of Zimbabwe who was born while the country remained in the Commonwealth is still able to enlist in the British Army, even though Zimbabwe is no longer a member of the Commonwealth of Nations).

How far was the British Expeditionary force dependent on commonwealth forces for its success Both Sided?

The British Expeditionary force was very dependent on commonwealth forces for its success during World War II because it initiated the help of the Royal Navy to impose a blockade on Germany.

What was the highest rank of military service Adolf Hitler got?

Unteroffizier, which was equivalent to a Corporal in the British/Commonwealth or US forces.

Who was the overall commander of the British and commonwealth Forces in North Africa during world war 2?

bernard montgomery i think

Why did Fiji get evicted from the commonwealth games?

Because the Fijian government failed to have an election and was suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations. The democratically elected government of Fiji was forcefully removed by the Fiji Military Forces and is currently under a military government led by Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

What is the fact and opinion about the war in Singapore?

The fact is that the Japanese forced the British & Commonwealth forces to surrender. The opinion is probably much the same as above.

Why do we wear slouch hats?

They are a sun hat appropriate for a sunny climate. They were adopted by troops of the Australian Colonies and carried on into the Commonwealth Military Forces.

List of countries who can join Britain army?

See related link "Wikipedia - List of Members of the Commonwealth of Nations'. Note also that any person born in Zimbabwe prior to their withdrawal from the Commonwealth may also serve in the British armed forces.

Can an Australian soldier join the british army?

The British Armed Forces accept citizens of all Commonwealth nations (whether a Dominion, or just in the Commonwealth of Nations), as well as citizens of nations who may no longer be in the Commonwealth, but were at the time of the individual's birth (for example, a citizen of Zimbabwe could join the Royal Army so long as they were born prior to Zimbabwe's withdrawal from the Commonwealth of Nations). So, your short answer would be yes.

What has the author Thomas Joseph Edwards written?

Thomas Joseph Edwards has written: 'Mascots and pets of the services' -- subject(s): Armed Forces, Mascots 'Standards, guidons and colours of the Commonwealth forces' -- subject(s): Military Standards

What countries did Britain overtake in World War 2?

'Overtake' is'nt exactly the right word, however the British and Commonwealth forces re-captured Burma from the Japanese, pushed German and Italian forces out of Egypt and Lybia and played a prominant role in in defeating the Axis powers in Tunisia, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands (along side the US of course). they also liberated much of north west France and occupied most of north east Germany (along with the Canadians). There were lesser known operations, such as a the invasion of Iran (British Commonwealth forces took the south whilst the Russians took the north) and the Battle of Madagascar (British Commonwealth forces defeated the Vichy French garrison and returned control to the free French)