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The enemy is most of the time the leopard seal. They are found to eat 80% of the crab-eater seal pups.

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Q: Who are the crabeater seals enemies?
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Why are crabeater seals called crabeater if they do not eat crabs?

Crabeater seals are called crabeater seals because of the way their teeth look.

Do crabeater seals hibernate?

No because it migrates!

What seals eat squid?

some antarctic seals eat squid but the crabeater seal does not

What do crabeater seals look like?

Crabeater seals are large seals. They are a light color. Young ones have brown markings. They are chubby on the top portion of their body, and then become slender on the bottom half. They have sweet faces.

When do crabeater seals mate?

They mate from early September to late November.

Do leopard seals prey on other seals?

Yes! they prey on young Antarctic Fur seals, Crabeater Seals, Ross Seals And Weddell Seals

Wha animals live in the Antarctica?

Penguins (emperor and adelie) seals (leopard seals; antarctic fur seals; crabeater seals; ross seals and weddell seals) whales(orcas(killer whales))

Which term best describes the relationship between Adélie penguins and crabeater seals?

The answer is predation!

What is a Leopard Seals percentage of diet?

A Leopard Seals percentage of diet is: Krill (47%), Other Seals (31%), young Crabeater Seals and penguins (11%), and fish and cephalopods (11%)

How would a decrease in the number of krill affect the number of crabeater seals?

Thay would die out as they have nothing to eat

What are three types of seals found in Antarctica?

leopard seal, crabeater seal, elephant seal - live in the Antartica.

What do crab seals eat?

Crab Eating Seals DO NOT Eat Crabs, They Eat Krill, But Also Fish.Despite its name, a crabeater seal eats krill.crab squid and krill