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apolinario mabini.........

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Q: Who are the famous handicapped Filipinos?
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Indian famous handicapped person?

Sudha Chandran is a famous handicapped Indian person. She lost a leg in an accident.

Who are the famous handicapped people in India?

The most famous handicapped person in India is Sudha Chandran. Other handicapped people in India are Javed Abidi and Sharad Pawar.

Famous filipino handicapped?

Several Filipinos have been successful in conquering serious handicaps. Among them is Rico Marquez who suffered polio as a child and was paralyzed. However, he became a Baptist pastor and leads a very successful church.

Famous handicapped persons and there achievements?

the famous handicaps are sudha chandran helen keler

Famous physically handicapped people in India?

hellen keller

Who are the famous Indian physically handicapped people?

sudha chandran

Who are the famous filipino physically handicapped people?

Apolinario Mabini: He was handicapped because of polio and he was among the filipino heroes. Apolinario Mabini: He was handicapped because of polio and he was among the filipino heroes.

Physically handicapped person who become famous in different fields?

Oscar Pistorious is one handicapped person who became a famous athlete. He competed in Paralympic competitions, and also competed in the 2012 Olympics.

Famous handicapped persons?

Some famous people throughout history who were or are handicapped in one way or another include Ludwig van Beethoven, Stevie Wonder, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Others include Stephen Hawking and Helen Keller.

Who are the malaysian famous physically handicapped people?

Ralpan Singh is a physically challenged people who is famous . He went to an accident that made him paralyzedd

Who are the famous physically handicapped persons of India?

helen keller,satish gujral, prasanta karmarkar

Who are Famous Africans who were physically handicapped?

Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder had or have ( Wonder is still living) blindness.

Do you have examples of Filipino essays which is written by famous Filipinos?

sanaysay tungkol sa wikang filipino

Should the sexual attraction of a handicapped person differ froma non-handicapped person?

It is okay to be attracted to a handicapped person. Both a handicapped and a non handicapped person is the same.

What is claudius famous for?

Claudius is famous for conquering and colonizing Britain. He was also famous because he was a little handicapped, so no one really thought highly of him. Nevertheless, he proved to be a great and intelligent emperor.

How do you spell 'handicapped'?

You spelled it correctly.

Who are some handicapped scientists?

There Scientist and there handicapped.

What is full form of vh oh hh?

Visually HandicappedOrthopedically HandicappedHearing Handicapped

Who are some famous disabled filipinos?

Political philosopher: Apolinario Mabini Cult Actor: Weng Weng

How was Walt Disney handicapped?

He was "handicapped" with Dyslexia which he overcame.

What is handicapped in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of handicapped: kapansanan

Are Filipinos considered to be Americans?

No. Filipinos are not Americans. They are Filipinos and they come from the Philippines and not in America.

Do mentally handicapped people have mentally handicapped children?

Mentally handicapped people do not always have mentally handicapped children. It depends on if their handicap is able to be passed down through genes.

Is Kevin mchale on glee handicapped?

No, he is not handicapped in real life.

Who are the famous people born in region 1 Philippines?

Two of the most famous Filipinos were born in Region 1 of the Philippines. These celebrities are Tim Tebow and Manny Pacquiao.