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Patrick Kane is perhaps the next big US Hockey star.

Mike Modano, Chris Chelios and Jeremy Roenick are just a few, but this list will continue to grow every year.

The list of the greatest American hockey players of all time would include Mike Modano, Chris Chelios, and Jeremy Roenick for sure but dont forget Brian Leech, Chris Drury, Tony Amonte, and Brett Hull could be considered and American hockey player since he played for team USA. Although he wasnt born in the US. Mike Richter would be one the great US goalies.

Todays greats would have to be Patrick Kane, Zach Parise, Ryan Kesler, Jack Johnson, Ryan Miller, Brian Rafalski, Brian Gionta, Phil Kessel, and Joe Pavelski just to name a few. USA hockey has come a long long way since the good old days!

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Q: Who are the greatest American hockey players of all time?
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