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Sade, femi, uncle tunde, Mrs bankole, Mr Albion, kole, general abacha, Florine solaja, mother, mama Lola, Joseph, mama Buckie, Mr fix-it, Mr sunny-yellow, Mr security, black beret, uncle dele, uncle Roy, aunt Gracie, jenny, Mrs graham, Kevin, Marcia, Mariam, Donna, miss okasade, femi, uncle tunde, mrs bankole, mr Albion

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Q: Who are the main characters in the other side of truth by beverley naidoo?
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How long is the other side of truth by beverley naidoo?

It is 224 pages.

Name 3 books written by the African born writer Beverley Naidoo?

Beverley Naidoo is the author of Journey to Jo'burg, Chain of Fire, and Out of Bounds. She also penned The Other Side of Truth, Web of Lies, and Burn My Heart.

What Books Did Beverley Naidoo Write?

chain of fire, no turning back and the other side of truth

What does beverley naidoo use to compare London to Nigeria?

In the other side of truth, Beverley Naidoo writes from the character Sade's point of view! This means that Naidoo has the same perspective as Sade! When Sade and Femi arrive in London, the book instantly introduced the city as a chaotic and an anxiety-building place. From Sade's point of view, Naidoo mainly focuses on the negative side of London. Naidoo uses Flashback as a device to compare London to Nigeria. Sade has many flashbacks to show a memory that is linked to the current situation in the book!

Who is mama Buki in the novel the other side of truth?

Mama Buki is the mother of the main characters, Sade and Femi, in the novel "The Other Side of Truth" by Beverley Naidoo. She is a strong and caring mother who is forced to make difficult decisions to protect her children after their father's murder and their family is targeted in Nigeria due to their father being a political journalist.

Who is black beret in the other side of truth?

In the novel "The Other Side of Truth" by Beverley Naidoo, Black Beret is a political activist and leader in Nigeria who opposes the corrupt government. He plays a significant role in helping the main characters, Sade and Femi, as they struggle to seek safety and justice in a society torn by political unrest.

Is the other side of truth by Beverly naidoo a movie?

No it is a book

What is the setting for the book The Other Side of Truth by Beverly Naidoo?

Mainly England.

What is the main idea of the other side of truth?

"The Other Side of Truth" by Beverley Naidoo explores themes of political turmoil, family, and identity through the perspective of two Nigerian siblings who are forced to flee to London after their mother is killed. The novel highlights the challenges faced by refugees and the importance of speaking out against injustice and standing up for one's beliefs.

Which awards did the other side of truth win?

the carnegies medal the smarties silver medal

Who is Mrs Bankole in Naidoo's The Other Side of Truth?

the woman who takes sade and femi across to london then abandons them in a café

What are summaries per chapter of the other side of truth?

"The Other Side of Truth" by Beverley Naidoo follows the journey of two Nigerian siblings, Sade and Femi, as they flee political persecution and seek refuge in London. In each chapter, they face various challenges and dilemmas while trying to adapt to their new lives and protect their family's secret. The story addresses themes of courage, resilience, and the harsh realities faced by refugees.