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Who are the most famous pilots?


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One of them is Amelia Earnhart


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Some of the famous pilots during World War II included Erich Hartmann from Germany. He was best known for having the most aerial victories during the war. Other famous pilots include Walter C Beckham from the United States and Takemizu Takeo from Japan.

the wright brothers and Amelia Earhart were famous pilots.for the person who said the doodle bops are famous pilots,first of all how do you know about the doodle bobs and second you are extremely stupid . :- (

pilots of course but mostly min pilots

Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh

Pearl Jam is definitely more famous than Stone Temple Pilots, more influential, and more widely known throughout the world.

Kamikaze pilots were not expected to return from what was a suicidal attack on the enemy.Most Kamikaze pilots had little training, nor flew decent aeroplanes.

There are quit a few pilots in the US Army, of course most of which are helicopter pilots, if I had to put a number on it I would say approximately 10,000

The salary for pilots for Indigo Airlines will depend upon their experience. Most pilots will start out at close to $1,500 per month.

It depends on the pilot, the area, etc. But most pilots make around US$50,000 annually.

Yes, navy pilots and air force pilots are military pilots.

Most accidents occur on take-off.

One of the early women pilots, set a number of aviation records.

David McCampbell and Cecil E. Harris

YES!!! Helicopter pilots with thousands of hours of experience are in demand! But low time pilots are a dime a dozen, and most certainly not in demand!

All officers on the ship, pilots included, stand watch. The watch that most pilots want to pull is LSO, Landing Signal Officer, as they are the ones helping guide other pilots onto the boat.

Fighter pilots are:Most experiencedWell trainedBest pilotsThey love doin' freestyle in skyKnown as the -BOSS OF THE SKIESFast working BrainCan face any problems

There are many famous pilots. Here are just a few: Wilbur and Orville Wright - accredited for the first powered flight in an airplane - 1903 Charles Lindbergh - First to fly from New York to Paris - 1927 Amelia Earhart - First woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone - 1932 Howard Hughes - Broke several speed records 1935-38 Chuck Yeager - First man to break the sound barrier - 1947 This list is just a few of famous pilots and just one of their accomplishments. These pilots actually accomplished many more things in their lifetime. Also many of the astronauts and cosmonauts were and are also pilots.

The word pilots' is a plural possessive noun.pilot is singularpilots is pluralpilots' is plural possessiveExample:The pilots' lounge is on the second level. (the lounge for the pilots)

English is most commonly used by international airline pilots.

Chuck Yeager is a very famous test pilot. He was the first to break the sound barrier. Another famous test pilot was Howard Hughes, who test piloted for his own company, Hughes Aircraft. Another was Neil Armstrong, who piloted the X-15 and was the first person to walk on the Moon. The link below goes to an a list of famous test pilots in Wikipedia.

The collective noun for pilots is a crew of pilots.

The possessive form of the plural noun pilots is pilots'.Example: You will find him in the pilots' lounge.

Pressurized suits and oxygen masks are what keep F16 pilots from blacking out; this is most notable when they are attempting G force maneuvers. Commercial pilots never have to worry about this because they are not climbing to the altitudes that combat pilots are nor are they clocking the same speeds.

The Tuskegee Airmen are some of the most famous pilots in the world. They are famous for being the first African-American pilots to ever fight in combat. They flew in P51 Mustangs and flew missions all over Germany during World War Two.They flew fighter missions to protect US bombers over the south eastern European theatre.

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