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Meaning for naive patient?

Answer . When a patient has been administered by a drug he/she has never taken before, he/she is called a naive patient.

What is a user?

someone how uses a device or any services device can be computer,cell phone ... A service can be A website Email provider ........

What does naive mean?

"Naive" means lacking experience and understanding, innocent (often applied as ingenuous or credulous). . Example : "She's so naive she believes everything she reads."

What is the opposite of naive?

The opposite of naive (inexperienced) would be savvy, or astute. The opposite of naive (innocent) would be worldly, or sophisticated.

Why is Romeo naive?

He thought that his rebound relationship with his enemy would work out just fine. Their relationship was pretty much doomed from the start. He was still upset that Rosaline didn't love him back. Then he met his rebound girl Juliet. They make out twice before they even know each other's first names, ( Full Answer )

Is Paul Baumer naive?

Paul Bäumer was a WWI flying ace for Germany. Where everyone can be naive about somethings some of the time, I am imagine he had probably seen and done enough in the war to be less so than the rest of us. He died in a crash in 1927, at the age of 31.

How not to be naive?

tricky, but start with your gut instinct. when someone is lying to you, there are usually clues that you (subconsciously) pick up on. another tack would be to educate yourself, in general, not just about specifics, also know the people around you, if they are likely to fool you or lie to you, keep i ( Full Answer )

Why is naive Bayesian classification called naive?

Naive Bayesian Classification (NBC) isreferred to as naive since it makes tha assumption that each of its inputs are independent of each other, an assumption which rarely holds true, and hence the word naive. Research has however shown that even though this assumption is often false, the technique s ( Full Answer )

How should naive be used in a sentence?

The word 'naive' is an adjective used to describe a noun asnatural and unaffected, innocent; or as showing a lack ofexperience, wisdom, or judgment. Example sentences: Grandma Moses is famous for her naive depictions of countrylife. Jason is very naive about the cost of his carrepair.

What is a naive narrator?

A naive narrator is a narrator who is unreliable because they are inexperienced or innocent, and do not understand the implications of their story. A naive narrator is one who does not know the outcome of the story. A narrator can also be unreliable if they are biased or misleading but all naive ( Full Answer )

How do you use naive in a sentence?

If you think no one cheats, you are just being naive. If you think everyone cheats you are just trying to justify your own misdeeds.

What is naive art?

For many, the term "naïve art" conjures up the verdant valleys and happy hamlets of Anna Mary Robertson ("Grandma") Moses, the luxuriant vegetation and exotic jungles of Henri Rousseau, and the palmy South Sea Isles and pristine Tahitian women of Paul Gauguin. Brazilians identify naïve art wit ( Full Answer )

What personality is naive?

if you can take advantages from a person and he believes all the things which you tell to them called a naive person. we can say he is innocent....

The word naive in a sentence?

Because he had broken the hearts of everyone else on the cheerleading squad - and in alphabetical order! - it was naive of her to think that she would have a different fate.

Who is naive in an example?

Some one who is naive is someone who doesn't know a lot of things in life. Like a person could be naive when it comes to the opposite sex because they might not have any experience there.

Sentence using the word naive?

She may have the diploma, but she's still a naive young girl who isn't ready for the hard-core business world.

Why are teenagers so naive?

Naivety is the opposite of wisdom, and wisdom comes from age, experience, and knowledge. Teenagers are at the crossroad between adulthood and childish ignorance, some have the knowledge, but not the age or experience, and some too may have two of the selected choices, but without all three, and the ( Full Answer )

What is the naive of a church?

Allow me to say the spelling of "naive" is incorrect. My guess is you intended to write "nave". The nave is the central approach to the high altar

Where can you get naive nature in Pokemon Diamond?

Having a Naive natured Pokémon with the Synchronise ability at the front of your party, fainted (if you would rather use a different Pokémon at the start) or not, will greatly help. However from my knowledge this does not work on some D/P Legendaries. It works on everything else.

Why are liberals naive arrogant and hateful?

This has been expressed far more eloquently by other, more skilled writers, but this is my humble and awkward attempt to explain. Liberals tend to be people who believe themselves to be smarter than the rest of the population. Some liberals are in fact very brilliant people, which makes their int ( Full Answer )

How do you forecast using the naive method?

Assumes that demand in the next period is the same as demand in most recent period; demand pattern may not always be that stable. For example: If July sales were 50, then Augusts sales will also be 50

What is opiate naive?

"Opiate Naive" is a term used to describe people who do not have a tolerance to opiates.. Opiates are a group of medications, that if used reguarly, produce physical dependence/tolerance. Somebody who has a tolerance to, or a physical dependence on, opiates will be able to tolerate much higher dose ( Full Answer )

What is naive idealism?

This can have many answers, so with that said im going to provide two that i know of: Answer One: The complete and total belief in a theory or idea without having proof or having full understanding of the subject matter. Answer Two: Either Idolizing or admiring a person without fully kno ( Full Answer )

Why is WikiAnswers so naive?

WikiAnswers may appear to be naive because many of its users act that way. Like any website, WikiAnswers has both mature and immature users on it. In short, WikiAnswers itself is not naive, it just has some naive users on it..

Is Juliet naive?

In shake spears play romeo and Juliet, Juliet is naive because in act 2 and scene 2 she was talking about romeo and saying "nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man." This shows that Juliet is naive because she is thinking about Romeo's body, relating it to the fact his name is unimportant. T ( Full Answer )

What is a naive hedge?

Naive hedging is where taking a hedge position without taking into consideration the level of hedging required. The optimal hedging position should be such that the expected position from the hedge perfectly offset the underlying risk. Naive hedging (over hedging) could potentially lead to a substa ( Full Answer )

Why is Barack Obama so naive?

First, this is a political question, and it contains a partisan opinion. Mr. Obama's political opponents (Republicans) have often accused him of being naive. But that does not mean the accusations are accurate. His supporters would say the president is far from naive, and that in fact he is a pragma ( Full Answer )

What did the naives look like?

-Do you mean "natives"? And if you did, it depended on their tribe on what and how they would dress like. They were mostly tan, with tribal paints and/or accessories with feathers and other things such as beads, furs, etc.

What does naive mean in one word?

Basically, Naive means showing a lack of experience. > Inexperienced Also Can Mean >Natural >Unaffected

Is being naive a bad thing?

Yes! Naivety means you see the good in everyone and everything. And Naivety is something that will get you into trouble.

What is Naive end user in dbms?

These are the users who communicate with the database on the daily bases ( at regular period) Their main job is to constantly querying and updating the database using the standard queries.this is called canned transaction. Examples are bank-teller and reservation clerks.

How do you use naive when talking about youself?

Naive is an adjective that describes someone that believes just about everything they hear. Some ways on how to say naive about yourself is below. . I'm still a bit naive, do you think it's true? . I'm so naive, why'd I trust him?

What is a naive participant?

It's basically a participant that's not truly aware of why he/she is used in a experiment. They are usually told one thing but actually used to experiment another theory. This has to be done to prevent demand characteristics but raises ethical issues due to them being deceived.

What is a situation a naive narrator could be in?

A set of railings can be also called bannister or blausters. A railing is traditionally used with stairs to provide a hand rail for support in walking up the stairs.

Who are the naive users in DBMS?

they make up a large section of the end-user population. They use previously well-defined functions in the form of “canned transactions” against the database. Examples are bank-tellers or reservation clerks who do this activity for an entire shift of operations

Why is Hannah Baker Naive?

well Hannah baker has a personality is like simple, unaffected, unsuspecting, artless, guileless, candid,open, plain. That is honestly what i myself maybe answer

How is scout naive in To Kill a Mockingbird?

she is a very inoquous girl and does not understand much about whatis going on, she makes the viewers see things through innocenteyes, without bias, she sees many parts of the bookand is unawareof what is going on, in such paarts where tom and atticus aresurrounded by the mob

Is it easy to fool someone who is naive?

Anyone can be fooled given the right circumstances. Some people, including ones who are naive, may be easier to fool than others.

How is naive defined?

Naive is sometimes defined as ignorant, meaning easy to persuade toward a certain thought or idea. Naive people can be easily persuaded by such things as propaganda.

When did the Kooks record Naive?

A book is a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hing.

What does a naive b cell do?

It hangs around in a lymph node until an 'antigen-presenting cell'comes and finds it, and then it starts producing antibodiesspecifically to 'hunt down' or stick to whatever protein it is thatthe antigen-presenting cell shows to it. Once it starts producingantibodies, it's then known as a plasma cel ( Full Answer )