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Q: Who are the people that are famous on fantage?
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What famous people go on Fantage?

Do Any Famous People Go On Fantage?Fantage EuropeNora09LarabellathaliaNathanChrisFantage USACivic_princessPinkstardustccbunnyelizabethletsuda2xxsheryxxred_ninjazac001799rabbitsammypajammyginger19torix0xwowz13saintsophiemo_ta_taKayKay

Who is the most famous person on fantage?

Who is the most famous person on fantage?the most famous or popular people on fantage is (scroll down to see who is) blader619

How do you know when your famous on Fantage?

Q: How do you know when your famous on fantage?A: Usually alot of people ask to be your friend and you get followed around then people who see you say, "OMG ITS (INSERT NAME HERE)!" or something like that.

Are you famous on fantage?

No. Through I always wanted to be famous on fantage. My username is prinsess5742.

Who is red ninja on Fantage?

He is a famous fantagian. He has an extremely high level about 1600.Most people say he has created fantage~His phds with civic_princess + they are so famous people POSE as them ( not very nice )!He rarely goes on fantage now but he usually hangs on White Seal server.

Why is pink stardust famous on fantage?

She is famous because she has the highest level (level 2099) in fantage history

Do famous people play on fantage?

Yes they do! We recently found out that Cameron Boyce the star of Jessie on Disney channel does have a fantage account! it is cameronboyce818 so when you see him add him!

Is sammypajammy famous on fantage?

well SHE IS ON LEVEL like 2000 ANIMATERS ARE 5000 SO SHE IS the most famous user on fantage i think

Who is emmarain on Fantage?

Emmarain is a famous player on fantage. I have seen her before! She is not as famous as civic__princess, but shes famous for having a bunch of inventory stuff! So if you see her, add her and talk!

Where can i find a bakery in fantage?

There are no bakeries on Fantage, people!!

What are the Fantage names of the people who created Fantage?

The name of the person who created Fantage is Daryl Fantage. his last name is also Fantage It was made in 2008!

Will there be a store for alpha design?

IsEmmarain famous on Fantage