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The federalists supported it the anti-federalists opposed it

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Q: Who are the people who supported the new US Constitution?
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Which group supported adopted the constitution as the new government for the US?


Which group supported adopting the Constitution as the new national government for the US?


What are people who supported and still support the US Constitution called?

people who support the constitution are called federalists if u found this help full give me a request on my myspace the URL is

What group of essays supported passage of the US Constitution?

The Federalist papers

Is The people of the US chose to create a new Constitution following the War of 1812?

No. The U.S. Constitution went into effect in 1789

Who was one of the federalist that wrote papers that supported the passage of the us constitution?

Alexander Hamilton

Did people disagree with the US Constitution?

Most people who saw this new institution forming were against it. In a land where communities were self sufficient there was no need for a constitution of this kind.

When the US Constitution was being debated what level of support did it have in South Carolina?

It was supported by the Low Country

For who was the constitution written?

The US Constitution was written for the people of the US. It is written for the people by the people

Does the US Constitution give the people power or control their power?

The Constitution gives more power to the people.

What are the first three word of US Constitution?

The First Three Words of the US Constitution are "We The People".

Why was the federalist in the battle for raticiation?

Federalists believed in a strong central government. Therefore, they supported the new US Constitution, which increased the power of the central government vs. the Articles of Confederation.