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PepsiCo. doesn't divulge the identity of every share holder. There are over 52 million shareholders of PepsiCo.

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Q: Who are the shareholders of pepsiCo?
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What are the main objectives of Pepsi-co?

Pepsico has one, as in 1 objective. It is exactly the same as EVERY other corporation listed on the NYSE, it is to make money for the shareholders.

How does PepsiCo balance those stakeholders such as consumers and shareholders that are interested in good tasting products and financial performance with special-interest groups and regulators that?

I will not going to answer this. this is your study. lazy noob

What is PepsiCo's population?

PepsiCo's population is 2,010.

What is the population of PepsiCo?

The population of PepsiCo is 294,000.

How may employees does PepsiCo have?

According to Hoover's profile of PepsiCo on, PepsiCo has 168,000 employees.

Who is the CEO of PepsiCo?

Indra Nooyi is the CEO of PepsiCo.

Where is pepsico located in Miami?

Where is pepsico located in miami?

What is Pepsico industry ranking?

pepsico is a type of cell

What is Pepsico's Organizational Chart?

Pepsico's Organizational Board begins with the CEO and directors. Presidents and markets that PepsiCo works with are also listed.

Organizational structure of Kentucky Fried Chicken?

The organization is currently structured with two divisions under PepsiCo. KFC is part of the two PepsiCo divisions, which are PepsiCo Worldwide Restaurants and PepsiCo Restaurants International. Both of these divisions of PepsiCo are based in Dallas. Sophia

What is Pepsico best seller?

Pepsico's best selling product is Mt Dew.....

What is pepsico corporate level strategy?

Pepsico's corporate level strategy is expansion strategy.

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