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Who are the stock brokers in India dealing in arbitrage?

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smc global securities, blb ltd, anand rathi and other are doing it. you may refer to for more details

2007-06-21 01:25:29
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Q: Who are the stock brokers in India dealing in arbitrage?
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The real name of Bombay stock exchange is "THE NATIVE SHARE &STOCK BROKERS ASSOCIATION " in1875

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SEBI is the regulatory body of the Stock Markets in India. It registers and regulates the functioning of various intermediaries viz, Stock exchanges, Depositories, Merchant Bankers, Brokers, FIIs etac. As Stock exchanges is one of the intermediary. hence SEBI gives registration to the stock exchanges and regulate their functioning..

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The oldest stock exchange in Asia is the Bombay Stock Exchange. It was first established in 1875 as The Native Share & Stock Brokers Association.

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