Who are the users of oxygen?

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All animals and plants. Plants use oxygen as well as carbon dioxide.
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What is user interface?

Answer . Let's say you have a database, filled with a large amount of data. The database was built in a program that is able to sort, retrieve, edit and otherwise manage the data. The part of the program that you can see, and where you enter commands, is the user interface. Another example would ( Full Answer )

A user id or an user-id?

The English language depends on how it sounds. Since "user" doesn'tstart with a vowel sound, it should be "a user-id." "An" is sometimes used with words starting with 'h' where the 'h'is soft or silent, so the word almost starts with a vowel sound,but this usage is becoming less common with time. Fo ( Full Answer )

What is a user?

someone how uses a device or any services device can be computer,cell phone ... A service can be A website Email provider ........

What does oxygen do?

Oxygen is what we breath. It allows our body to turn food intoenergy, and makes cellular respiration possible.

How do you get oxygen?

Oxygen is obtained from the atmosphere by a process calledRespiration, this involves inhaling air and filling small air sacsin the lung, at which point the oxgen passes into the bloodstreamthrough a process called Diffusion.

What is user mode?

The user mode is :a mode that prvides an interface between the application and the OS and only has access to the hardware resources through rhe code running in kernel mode .Type your answer here...

What is oxygenation?

refers to the process of adding oxygen to a medium such as water or BODY TISSUE

What is in oxygen?

Oxygen is an element, which means it's pure. So...the only thing in oxygen is oxygen

What are oxygenates?

Oxygenated are chemical compounds that contain oxygen as a part of their chemical structure. The term usually refers to oxygenated fuels. Oxygenates are usually employed as gasoline additives to reduce carbon monoxide that is created during the burning of the fuel.

How do you delete a user?

Open Computer Management, in the console tree click on users thatis - Computer Management > System Tools > Local Users andGroups > Users. Right click on the user account that you need todelete and click delete. The user will be deleted.

How is oxygen?

He is ok. Thanks for asking. I will tell him you are thinking about him.

What is user thread?

A thread can be loosely defined as a separate stream of execution that takes place simultaneously with and independently of everything else that might be happening.

What is oxygen in?

okay do you mean cycle of breathing and stuff look: You probably breathe about 20 times every minute. If you are running or playing hard, you might take 80 breaths a minute. When you inhale air through your nose or your mouth, that air takes off on an incredible journey. First it goes down the back ( Full Answer )

What is oxygen?

Oxygen is an element which is a gas at room temperature and constitutes approx 20% of Earth's atmosphere. It reacts with many substances to form oxides. The chemical symbol for Oxygen is O , No. 8 on the periodic chart. Oxygen is a byproduct of photosynthesis in most autotrophs (plants) a ( Full Answer )

What is oxygen for?

Answer 1 . Oxygen [O 2 ] is a chemical element which exists at normal temperatures and pressures as a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas.. It combines with many other elements, creating "oxides" of those elements. It is a component in the mixture we call Air.. Answer 2 . For humans O 2 ( Full Answer )

What is a user guide?

A user guide ,also known as a manual, is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system. It step-by-step describes how the users can use the system. Generally the description is in detail keeping in view the fact that the target users using the sy ( Full Answer )

What are the users of fork?

Hi there a fork works by puncturing the food in several different places so it wont slip off when you raise it to your mouth.The fork an also be used to heap food on and then eat it. The four spikes on a fork get closer togather as it ascends so the food gets pinched on andd doesnt slip.

What does oxygen have?

The atmosphere and particles of the evaporating water mixes in with the particles use to make oxygen what we all now oxygen. THIS IS MY SUGGESTION. ( I MIGHT BE WRONG AND I MIGHT BE RIGHT ).

Were do you get oxygen?

You get oxygen from plants because they release oxygen and we release carbon dioxide for the plants. :)

Who is a user?

A user is a the person who uses the computer and will have a user account there are 2 types of user account Local User And domain user a local user is an account created on the computer where as a domain user is created on a Domain controller ( Server Machine) that user account can then log on ( Full Answer )

What is an authenticated users?

An authenticated users are those who have passed the identification/authentication process of a particular system and are able to log-on in that system.

How do you get a Neopet user?

go to www.neopets.com then click the left side bar and click sign up. Fill in all the information. There you go!!

Who is a road user?

road users are people who use the road. . bicycles, cars, pedestrians (of all ages) and also people on horses.

What is a User ID?

It is usually an ID used by a user.. A user ID is usually like a username, like my user ID is piratesrock.

What is a service user?

The Service User is a group of adults and young people who use social work services

What are user norms?

User norms or program norms consist of descriptive statistics based on a group of testtakers in a given period, rather than norms obtained by formal sampling methods.

Do users get cost?

It depends. For online use, some sites require payment of membership fee before use, some charges fee per transaction and some charges free. This is exclusive of cost incurred by the user/s from their network provider.

What is a user database?

A user database is a system that more than 1 person can access andgain information from. Multiple users can input and store data inthese database systems.

Why do you have to have oxygen?

Everything that your body does, from the beating of your heart to the thoughts in your brain, depends upon a series of chemical reactions. The basic reaction which produces the energy needed to drive all the other reactions is the reaction of sugar and oxygen. Without that, everything stops.

What are the user of water?

water is used for many things such as e.g washing machines/dryers , water for plants/flowers , and for your body

What is a user account?

A user account is an account supplied by a user before he/she uses a particular system that requires it for identification and authentication purposes.

What is a library user?

A library user is a person who uses the library. A library user doesn't necessarily have to have a membership with the library; even if they do not borrow books, they can still be regarded as a "library user" if they use the library for other purposes (such as studying, reading books within the libr ( Full Answer )

Who are iPad users?

A lot of people are iPad users I'm sending this from an iPad right now

What is group user?

A group user is a user assigned to a group with set policies. These policies can range from forcing a user to change their password every 72 days, to having to press CTRL+ALT+DEL before they can log in. A good example of where group users are...used... is at a school. Imagine that you are a student, ( Full Answer )

What is a 'Beta user'?

A beta user, or beta tester, is somebody who tries out a software that has not yet been officially released. This allows the user to get a preview of what the software is going to be like; the advantage for the software company is that the beta users can give feedback on problems.

What is userization?

Userization is an economic model based on joint ownership. For the first time, this model has been proposed by Dr Andrej Poleev in his manuscript of the same title. Reference: A. Poleev. Userization. Enzymes, 2012.

How you get oxygen?

we take in oxygen via the air. the air is made up of 21% oxygen and oxygen is produced by many things. our lungs intake the air. through the mouth and nose.

What is a user accounts?

User accounts are the primary means of access for real people to the system, and these accounts insulate the user and the environment, preventing the users from damaging the system or other users, and allowing users to customize their environment without affecting others. Every person accessing your ( Full Answer )

What is an occasional user?

Someone who does not use a computer or website everyday, but every so often, maybe twice a week or so.

What is the iMac user?

Someone who is willing to pay a little more for a quality computer that just works day in and day out with no crashes, glitches, or problems.

Where you get oxygen?

trees breathe out oxygen we breathe out carbon dioxide and trees breathe in carbon dioxide SAVE THE RAINFORESTS OR WE'LL DIE!!

Is a user or an user?

Proper grammar is to include a N prior to a word starting with avowel sound. 'User' has a hard U that sounds like a Y, andtherefore is a user . Conversely, 'hour' has a silent H and would correctly be 'an hour'. Even when you say it, it might sound correct like if you say anuser you already hear an ( Full Answer )

What are the users of PowerPoint?

The users of Power point are the ones that need to makepresentation. Students, business people are some of the examples.

What is a malicious user?

A malicious user is someone who is purposely trying to cause damage to a computer system.

What is oxygen-?

The official definition of the word oxygen is "a colorless,odorless reactive gas, the chemical element of atomic number 8 andthe life-supporting component of the air."

What is RAM user for?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the volatile memory that you use whenyou are using a computer. Unless you save your work to thecomputer's hard drive (or to other types of external device) beforeswitching off, any unsaved data in the RAM is lost.

What i oxygen?

To breath and goes into your lungs and carbon dioxide comes out andthe cycle goes round and round.