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Q: Who are the voices in Lazy Town?
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Why is Lazy Town called Lazy Town if it is everything but lazy?

Cause it use to be lazy.

Why is there no map to Lazy Town?

because there is no such thing as lazy town

How come lazy town is still called lazy town if nobody is lazy?

they were lazy before stephany came

Why is lazy town still called lazy town is nobody is lazy?

omg i used to watch that show and i think its called that because lazy town is a very catchy name

When did lazy town start production?

Lazy town started production in year 2004 or 5.

What is the bad guy's name on lazy town?

Robbie Rotten is the bad guy on Lazy Town.

Who is the lazy villain in lazy town?

Robbie rottern x

Is phoebe tonkins Stephanie from lazy town?

No, the girl who plays Stephanie in "Lazy Town" is Julianna Rose Mauriello.

What channel lazy town?


Who plays Robby Rotten in lazy Town?

Stefan Karl Stefansson plays Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town.

Who plays Stephanie on lazy town?

Stephanie from Lazy Town is played by Julianna Rose Mauriello.

Why does Stephanie in lazy town always wear pink?

Well, I guess it's "cute". Do you actually WATCH lazy town, though?

On lazy town sports candy sprint how do you unlock the question marks?

i like play lazy town spot candy sprt

Is there a cartoon beginning with L?

Lazy Town

Is Emily Osment in Lazy Town?


Is lazy town on nick jr?

Yes, it is.

What channel does lazy town come on dish network in English?

Lazy Town only plays on VME Ch. 846 in Spanish on DISH.

Who does the voices of the puppets in Potter Puppet Pals?

If you lazy Americans would watch the whole thing it says at the end.and i don't care if i call Americans lazy cuz im a lazy American

What is the last episode of lazy town?

september 11,2009

Who plays sportacus on lazy town?

Magnus Scheving

Who plays sportigus from lazy town?

Magnús Scheving

What colour is stephanies hair in lazy town?


What is the most expensive tv program?

Lazy town

What channel lazy town come on cablevision?


What is the name of the kid show the ends with TOWN that had a girl with a pink wig?

lazy town