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tiger sharks are a zebra bullhead sharks predator/enemy


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zebra sharks enemies are humans and large sharks

it will be in brown in color with black stripes.

Sharks are fish, cartilagenous fish.

Zebra bullhead sharks (Heterodontus zebra) are not considered an endangered species. The IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species, which is an internationally recognized database of plant and animal species' conservation status and threat level, places them in the Least Concern category. There are currently no conservation measures in effect.

A bottom-dweller, this shark probably eats small invertebrates (animals lacking a backbone, like crustaceans and mollusks).

Zebra Sharks can loose their stripes.

Of course zebra sharks are real.

Of course zebra sharks( leopard sharks) are friendly but you still have to be careful.

the enemies of the mountain zebra is lions and hyenas

Zebra sharks are sharks. Therefore they are fish. Therefore they are cold blooded.

Zebra sharks eat mollusks, small fishes, crabs and shrimp.

bullhead sharks, carpet sharks and also ground sharks lay eggs not many sharks do lay eggs

Of course! they go right up your butt!!

In coastal waters in tropical and temperate seas.

dolphins enemies are bull sharks tiger sharks dusky sharks and great white sharks.sharks can kill dolphins.

No, Zebra Sharks do not give live birth. Instead, they lay eggs.

Sharks are there enemies

Their enemies are sharks!

Sharks are dolphins enemies

Are people zebra enemies? no they are not. Just don't go and annoy a zebra and like kick it and do mean things like that. Leave it alone and it will not hurt you!

the enemies of the goblin sharks are people and any thing larger than them like other sharks and rays

With the exception of some other large sharks, few predators could tackle an adult Zebra shark. As with other sharks, humans are the biggest threat.

dolphins' enemies are sharks. they cope with them by nudging the sharks in the gills (i think) when they are around. from- purplishy

The Great White Sharks enemies are humans, orcas & dolphins.

All sharks have enemies your lucky i found this question im doing a project on sharks a tiger sharks predeators are other sharks but different species...

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