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Q: Who attempted to put a halt on operations at the Second Bank of the US?
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Which politician promised to stand in the schoolhouse door to halt integration?


What best describes the effects of the 1851 Treaty of Laramie?

The 1851 Treaty of Laramie had significant effects on Native American tribes in the Western United States. It established boundaries for tribal lands, attempted to halt intertribal conflicts, and allowed for the safe passage of settlers. However, many of the promises made in the treaty were not upheld by the US government, leading to further conflicts and displacement of Native American tribes.

Why did the South perceive the Wilmot Proviso as such a threat?

Because the Wilmot Proviso sought to halt the extension of slavery in the western territories

What changes in the US did Jackson's election signal?

The election of President Andrew Jackson signaled some changes in US policy. Not all of the signals, however, were long lived. Here are some positive parts of his two term presidency: * He reduced the government's debt to zero, by paying all of it off. He was first president to do so; * He vetoed a new charter for the Bank of the United States. He removed all of its funds as well. This ended the US of having a "national bank". The Federal Reserve Bank of NY, to be created in the 20th century, is still not a "national bank "; * He set forth the policy of requiring only gold or silver to used when buying government lands; * He was the "Commander in Chief" in the War of 1812; * Enforced Federal policies of collecting tariff funds collected by South Carolina. He sent Federal troops to that State. This signaled that Federal policies granted by the US Constitution would be enforced; and * Led an expedition to Florida in order to halt Seminole Indian raids on US Territory.

How did President Hoover try to fix the problems of the great depression?

He supported business

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