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Because the Wilmot Proviso sought to halt the extension of slavery in the western territories

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Q: Why did the South perceive the Wilmot Proviso as such a threat?
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How did southerners react to the wilmot proviso?

Southerners opposed the Wilmot Proviso. This is because the Wilmot Proviso established peace with Mexico, and the land that Mexico owned was in the South.

How did the south feel about wilmot proviso?

The South opposed it.

Did the South support the Wilmot Proviso?

Absolutely not.

What was the wilmot proviso reaction to the south?

they opposed to it

Why did northerners support wilmot proviso and the south did not?


What was one result of the wilmot proviso?

Slavery was outlawed in the South.

Wilmot Proviso what did it reveal?

Serious regional differences between the North and the South.

Why did the south oppose the wilmot proviso?

because slaves were property protected by the constitution

Why did southerners denounce the wilmot proviso?

the proviso would upset the balance of power between the north and the south

What was the wilmot proviso and how did it add to tensions between north and south?

The Wilmot Proviso, which was one one event that lead up to the American Civil War, would have banned slavery in new territories and land.

Why did southerners denounced the wilmot?

the proviso would upset the balance of power between the north and the south

What did the wilmot proviso do?

The Wilmot Proviso proposed banning all slavery from any territories that were acquired from Mexico, including south Texas and New Mexico. The bill passed the House of Representatives, but the southern majority in the Senate failed to pass it. An attempt to put the Wilmot Proviso in the treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo also failed.