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Who believes Australia should become a republic and why?

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Australia should not become a republic!

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Should Australia become a republic?

This is a matter of personal opinion. There is no right or wrong answer, and there are pros and cons to the argument for Australia becoming a republic.

Why Australia shouldn't become a republic?

There are many reasons Australia should not become a republic. Change like that in a country that already has a working government could be disastrous. Even though Australia is under the Commonwealth, they make their own decisions.

What was the last referendum in Australia for?

It was a referendum to decide whether Australia should become a Republic and have a President instead of the Queen and Governor-General, or stay with the Monarchy.

Should Australia become a federation?

Australia has been a federation since January 1, 1901. There is continuing debate over whether Australia should become a republic, with a president appointed by votes from both houses of Parliament replacing the current British monarch as head of state in Australia.

Why is Queen Elizabeth II still on Australian currency?

Queen Elizabeth II is still the monarch of Australia and will be unless Australians decide by referendum that Australia should become a republic.

Why shouldn't New Zealand become a republic?

New zealand should not become republic because

Why Australia should not become a republic?

Because Australia gets a lot of money and resources from England, and if one day we were attacked by somewhere like North Korea, we would be in a lot of trouble.

What should Australia be called a commonwealth?

Australia is a member of the commonwealth of nations which is a loosely iligned group of country's with British colonial history. If Australia were to accept via referendum that it wishes to become separate and independent (on paper) from Britain, then we would become a republic and no longer a Commonwealth country.

Reason for Australia to be an republic?

The only reason why Australia should become a republic is to shift power into the hands of politicians. The system as it is operating at present works well ( probably better then anywhere else in the world) There is not much point in modifying a wheel that cant get any rounder.

Why should you become a Catholic?

Because when you are a catholic, you are in a community that believes in God.

Why should Australia become a republic?

Monarchists believe that our system is working well the way it is and should remain exactly the same. They think that coming a republic is one of the worst things we could do to Australia.Becoming a republic will deny Australia's Historical links with Britain.Our British heritage is an important part of our identity, Changing it will negatively impact the way we see our heritage.Becoming a republic will be a waste of Australian tax payers Money,

Are you going to change the Australian flag?

There are no current plans to change the Australian flag. It is conceivable that, should Australia become a Republic in the future, there may then be discussions about changing the flag.

When did Australia hold its last referendum and what was it about?

Australia's last referendum was on 6 November 1999. It was held to determine whether or not Australia should become a republic. All six states voted against the proposal, with the "no" votes leading 54.87% to 45.13%.

What does Jack argue in Lord of the Flies?

Jack believes he should be the leader and which choices should be made to effectively survive the plane crash after traveling from England to Australia.

When was the referendum?

More information is required. There have been several State or Federal referenda through the years, such as the following: * 1900 - whether or not Western Australia should join the Federation * 1967 - recognising more Aboriginal rights as equal citizens * 1992 - whether Queensland should implement Dalight Saving * 1999 - whether Australia should become a republic

Should Australia have become involved in the Vietnam war?

easy YES!

Why is Australia not a republic?

Australia is not a republic because it has a monarch as its head. Australia is a constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy, and a federation. Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Australia and of 15 other countries (including, but not limited to: the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica, etc). Australia was originally modelled after the British system, having been founded by the British. After almost 100 years of being a federation, the question was put to the Australian public. The issue of whether Australia should be a republic was addressed in a referendum in 1999, in which Australians voted against becoming a republic.

How do you use referendum in a sentence?

Australia held a referendum to determine whether it would become a republic. How people vote in a euro referendum is not an issue for CA. Referendum was held to determine whether people should smoke or not.

What were the last three referendums in Australia?

1999 - The question whether Australia should become a republic. 1988 - Parliamentary terms and rights 1984 - Senatorial Terms and Interchange of powers were the last three referendums, all failed to gain the double majority and hence were resolved in the negative.

Should Australia become an independent nation?

For all intents and purposes, Australia IS an independent nation. Independence may be defined as freedom from another country's rule. Australians have the freedom to choose whether to retain the Queen as their Head of state, represented by the Governor-General, or whether the nation should become a republic. Just because the nation has not chosen to completely sever every last tie with the Commonwealth does not mean it cannot do so.

Why should you have a healthy diet in Australia?

You should have a healthy diet wherever you are, otherwise you can get sick from malnutrition or become overweight.

Why should England become a republic?

England should become a republic because it is time that we elected our head of state which would have to be a president not a monarch. but first we (England) would have to become reform everything in the country which the government is doing then become independent from Scotland, wales and northern Ireland first.Another questionEngland in 2015 after the general election should become independent along with Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The countries in the commonwealth, British overseas territories and British crown dependencies, should succeed and be their own independent/ dependent republic/ monarchy countries. Finally the Queen should step down and prince Charles become king followed by a referendum, on a republic of Britain so protest for it with thousands of people speed the word time for a revolution.

When did Henry Parkes first suggest Australia should become one nation?

At approximately 1842

What are the general beliefs of Cao Dai?

Cao Dai believes that all religions should unite & become one, just like Baha'is do.

Is New Zealand a republic?

No its not !! but alot of people believe it should become one. It is officially a Constitutional Monarchy, however the day to day functions of government are handled almost identically as those of a Republic.