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The low elasticity of demand for labor decreases with unemployment benefit. Generally low pay workers prefer that the minimum wage rate be increased until the labor demand is unitary elastic.

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Why do people wrinkle as they age?

Because the skin loses its elasticity.

What is something that loses its elasticity?

Clothes Skin/Body Rubberband Balloon Panty Hose

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Can you wear expired latex gloves?

At some point the latex becomes brittle and loses its elasticity. It will chip, crack and fall apart and therefore loses usefulness in the field of safety.

Who benefits and who loses from a shift in jobs to low-wage economies?

the employer usually benefits in low wage economies

What forms into wrinkles?

As adults get older and reach the elderly stages of life, skin loses elasticity and can become very loose, which causes wrinkles.

What they mean by Downward Demand Spiral?

Means the company has to increase sales price to cover increased per unit production costs due to a former decrease in capacity utilization and thus loses another portion of sales volume due to good elasticity and has to further increase prices and then lose market.

What causes presbyopia?

Although a direct cause is not known precisely, it is basically a problem of old age. The eye loses its ability to focus on near objects, just as the body loses its ability to produce hair pigment or to retain its elasticity in the skin is diminished or lost.

Why do people need bifocal lens?

As one ages, so do the eyes. Gradually one loses some elasticity and the eyeball/corneas becoms less acutely focused. Thus the need for bifocals.

How much does adding a pool the value a home at Nebraska?

it loses value. value is supply vs demand. many people don't want a pool in their house, you eliminate that group from consideration thereby reducing demand.

What makes people age?

As a person ages, their body doesn't reproduce skin, tissue and organ cells as readily as it did when younger. Therefore, the skin loses it's elasticity, which causes wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Explain who loses from inflation and who loses from unemployment?

explain who loses from inflation and who loses from unemplyment

What happens to rubber when its super cooled?

I'm not sure, but I think when rubber is super cooled, it becomes more solidified. Thus, you are able to break off pieces of it and the rubber loses it elasticity. what they trying to say is it will SHATTER LIKE GLASS

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Well, you could try be friends with benefits, but that usually doesnt work. I guess the best way is to get her drunk, so that she loses control, then you swoop in and do her.

How do spectacles work?

Corrective lenses modify the focal length of the eye to alleviate the effects of nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) or astigmatism. As people age, the eye's crystalline lens loses elasticity, resulting in presbyopia, which limits their ability to change

Do hip tattoos go back to normal after being pregnant?

When weight is gained, skin stretches and loses its elasticity(nothing you can do about it), but if you do your best to exercise this part of your body, you can tighten the skin back up depending on how badly it is stretched. Good Luck!!

Why do veins become more prominent as one ages?

Because the skin thins to paper thin on the outer body as well as tissues in the inner body, not to mention muscle loss. The heart has to pump harder as we get older, thus we really see the veins stick out. Think of a body builder ... look at those veins! They have always been there, but when younger we don't notice them as much. As we age, the tissue in out body loses its elasticity. Veins and arteries start to stretch, and have a larger cross section. The skin also loses elasticity and becomes 'floppy', allowing the veins to show through more readily.

What if an atom loses a neutron?

it loses a neutron

Is loses an adverb?

No, the word loses is not an adverb.The word loses is a verb, since losing something is an action.

Who loses his will to live when he loses his faith in God?

Not you my friend.... not you

The body loses sweat it also loses?


How smoking kills the human body?

smoking introduces toxic substances like ammonia or arsenic etc which attached to the respiratory tract and loses the elasticity of the alveolar tract and destroys the alveoli due to whih improper conversion of gases happens and slowly causes cancer

Washing instructions for lycra?

Lycra loses it's elasticity easily, so you have to wash them carefully. Always use cold water, and make sure not to wring excess water out of them if you decide to wash them by hand. To dry it, either hang it without wringing it out or use a dryer.

What is penalty if coach loses a challenge for touchdown?

If a coach loses a challenge of any kind, his team loses a time out.

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where japan have victories and loses

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