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Which country besides the US did Jefferson and Adams admire most?


Who was involved in the Louisiana purchase besides Jefferson and napoleon?

Two Americans who were involved were Robert R. Livingstone and James Madison. Two French men involved with the sale were Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours and François Barbé-Marbois.

What did Thomas Jefferson do during his presidency besides the Declaration of Independence?

He did not "do" the Declaration of Independence during his presidency. He penned it in 1776, right after the Revolutionary War had begun, long before his presidency. One thing he did do during his presidency was acquire the Louisiana Purchase from France.

What is another building designed by Monticello?

Besides Monticello, Jefferson designed the University of Virginia.

Who did the house of representatives elect twice as a president besides Thomas Jefferson?

John Quincy Adams

Besides become president what else did Thomas Jefferson do in government?

he was a chef and that is the real answer and he was also a president

What are the closest mountains to Louisiana?

Smokey Mountains besides Gatlinberg has alot to offer for relaxing as well as excitement

What 5 languages did Thomas Jefferson know besides English?

He knew French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Greek.

Did Thomas Jefferson write any other great works besides the Declaration of Independence?

the VA statute for religious freedom.

Is Thomas Jefferson still alive?

No, he was the 3rd president of the United States of America, and died on July 4, 1826. The only way Thomas jefferson would be alive is if someone else BESIDES the 3rd president was also name Thomas Jefferson, he would be alive.

Is there a location in Arkansas that sells CDM Coffee and Chicory?

Besides New Orleasns, Louisiana, where in Arkansas can you buy CDM coffee & chicory products

What is the percentage of income can be assessed for 3 children for child support in the state of Louisiana?

You can get a general idea at the related link. There are other factors besides income.You can get a general idea at the related link. There are other factors besides income.You can get a general idea at the related link. There are other factors besides income.You can get a general idea at the related link. There are other factors besides income.

Why were Louisiana sugar planters attracted to the Whig Party?

They needed protection against the lower prices of sugar from the West Indies. Besides, the sugar planters organized the Whig party in 1834.

Why was thomas Jefferson called a renaissance man?

Besides being a patriot and a political leader, Jefferson studied and was proficient in many areas. He did botanical research, wrote on many subjects, knew several languages, spent time in Europe, played the violin well, desgned his own house and made numerous invention.

The connection between Toussaint L' Ouverture and the Louisiana Purchase?

The success of the Slave Revolt in Haiti soured Napoleon's interest in a New World Empire and besides he needed cash to continue his war in Europe.

Who besides you or who beside you?

"Who besides you" is correct. For example, "Who besides you took the shortcut through the Thorson's yard?"

A sentence with besides in it?

besides why do you care? I sat besides Him yesterday.

What aeras did Jefferson excel besides politics?

Jefferson's talents went way beyond politics. He became interested in the architecture of classical Greece and Rome. He was a skilled violinist, a horseman , amateur scientist and a incredibly devoted reader.

What other jobs did Zachary Taylor have?

Taylor was a career army officer, rising to the level of general. When he retired he became a planter in Kentucky and Louisiana. He did not hold any public offices besides President.Zachary Taylor's middle name is Gen

Sentence for besides?

I got pushed over besides it was worth it.

What are factors for 3and7and 9 besides 1?

Besides 1, the factor of 3 is 3. Besides 1, the factor of 7 is 7. Besides 1, the factors of 9 are 3 and 9.

What is a sentence for the word besides?

Besides Earl Grey, the Darjeeling flavour of tea is also delicious.And besides, aren't you supposed to be in London next week?

What did Thomas Jefferson do to entertain himself?

Jefferson was an avid reader. When he shared a room with Adams in France Adams complains in a letter to his wife that Jefferson was buying books and there were stacks of books in their rooms. Jefferson took over 2,000 books back with him when he went home. He also was an inventor and invented several things still used today. He cataloged all the plants in Virginia and drew pictures of them. His home Monticello has a museum in the entrance hall of items he collected. He also wrote about government and how it should be conducted as well as ran a plantation. Besides all, of this he was, president and the father of 6 children by his slave Sally Hemming. He was also the designer of his house. All of this, for Jefferson, was his entertainment, his life, his interests, and his passions. We have the idea today that entertainment comes from outside ourselves, but in reality we can be like Jefferson and create our own.

What cities are named after a president?

1. Jackson, Mississippi after Andrew Jackson 2. Madison, Wisconsin after James Madison,3. Jefferson City, Missouri after Thomas Jefferson4. and Lincoln, Nebraska after Abraham Lincoln. 5. Jordan as well.There may be more. I know that Cleveland , Ohio was not named after PresidentCleveland. There is probably some kind of city besides the capital named after GeorgeWashington.

What states have the Mississippi river in them?

There aren't any states that the Mississippi river run inbesides Minneapolis, but the Mississippi river boarders Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, part of Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. It also goes partly into Louisiana, I believe.