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Who better Triple H or Randy Orton?

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Triple H is better hes had more matchs and won more golds.

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Who is better randy orton or hhh?

Randy Orton is better but triple h Have a laugh, Triple H would batter Randy Orton.

Who is better Triple H or Randy Orton?

Well, we know the Legend killer, Randy orton beat triple h in a cage match, But Triple H is ok But The RKO master would Come out on top.

Why does Randy Orton hate Triple H?

because evolution batrayed randy orton

Is Jeff hardy better than Triple H?

triple h sucks, bcause randy orton put him out a lot of time

Why does Triple H hate Randy Orton?

triple h hates randy orton because he kissed stephanie mcmahon when triple h was hand cuffed to the ropes and also because he rkoed her to

WHo is WWE CHamption?

triple h triple h -as of now (april 7) it is triple h ____________________________________________________________________ as of backlash randy orton

Who will win at night of champions John Cena Randy Orton or Triple H?

i think cena should win so the triple h ,randy orton fued will end

How did Randy Orton win the royal rumble?

randy orton won the royal rumble in 2009 because the final 4 were triple h, randy orton & the two members of legacy, triple h dumped cody rhodes and ted dibiase out then legacy distracted triple h, that moment allowed orton to capitalise and dump triple h out of the ring and win the royal rumble

Is Randy Orton stronger then Triple H?

(2010) um nop triple h has won more matches and more golds than randy orton and if triple h returns to wwe he will continue to win more matches and golds so triple h is stronger!

Will Randy Orton get traded to smackdown?

Probably not if triple H is in Raw orton is staying on raw

How did Randy Orton lose his first world championship?

Randy Orton lost his first title to Triple H at Unforgiven 2004

Who will win a fight out of undertaker and Randy Orton?

Maybe Randy orton Because Him and Triple H were closest to ending his wrestlemania streak

Who was in Evoltion?

Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista

Who won out of Triple H and Randy Orton?

randy ortan will demolish him destroy him and break his neck

Who is the strongest WWE wrestler?

John Cena, Undertaker,Triple H,randy orton and hbk 1. Undertaker 2. Randy Orton 3. John Cena 4. Triple H 5. Edge

Why doesn't Triple H just shoot Randy Orton?

triple h would be jailed for life and wouldn't be aloud to wrestle again he also wouldn't do the but when he meet randy orton next he will badly injure him.

Why did evolution turn on Randy Orton?

triple h was the leader triple h was feuding with chris benoit who is dead r.i.p randy orton got put in a match against chris benoit randy orton was suppose to soffen chris up but randy won triple h batista and ric starded celebrating then batista dropped randy in a electric chair backbreaker they beat randy orton so bad he had a blood bath in the ring thats why in 2009 50% fans hated hhh and 50% fans hated orton

What happen to Triple H?

He Was Punted In The head by Randy orton at Backlash 2009

What started Randy Orton's rivalry toward Triple H?

when randy orton won the world heavyweight championship

Did john cena win wrestlamania 24?

No John Cena did not win at Wrestlemania 24.. He was fighting Randy Orton, and Triple H. Randy Orton won.....:(

What happend to Triple H at backlash?

Got his head kicked off by Randy Orton

Will Randy Orton beat Triple H at WM 25?

He didn't, but he beat him at Backlash.

When will the WWE championchip be back on raw?

its is at the moment Randy orton won it from triple h

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