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Q: Who brought Saint Nick to us?
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Who brought the custom of Saint Nicolas to the US?

The Dutch. When European settlers first started to come over to the United States they brought their customs also. One of these customs was St. Nick.

Who is the real Saint Nick?

Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra, was the original Saint Nick.

When was Little Saint Nick created?

Little Saint Nick was created in 1910.

What are the names you call Santa?

Santa Claus, Santa, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Old Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, and "Jolly Ole Saint Nick"

Which saint brought Christmas to Ireland in the 5th century?

St Nick brought xmas to Ireland. yes St. Nicholas visited Ireland. not St. Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland and that would have included a celebration of the Feast of Christmas.

Is saint nick alive?

Well Saint Nick is a living person but there are different saint nicks because people die!

Is there any link between the devil and st nick?

No. "Saint Nick" is short for "Saint Nicholas," who was a real person.

Is Saint Nick real or fake?

I think saint nick was real but santa is not Saint nick did not go over the world in a slay he just gives people in need toys but if you believe in him keep believeing

What saint brought Christmas to Ireland?

Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, and with it, all of its feasts.

When did saint nick live?


What rhymes with saint nick?


Do Americans call Father Christmas saint nick?

no they call him father Christmas because he is cool and gives us presents

Is there a Saint Nicole?

Im 75% sure that it is a no, but I do know there is a saint Nicholas (AKA saint Nick)no their is not a St.Nicole

Did Saint John Neumann bring adoration to the US?

Yes, he brought the 40 Hours Devotion to the United States.

Where does Saint Nick live?

The North Pole

How is St. Nicholas referred in his country?

Saint Nick or Old St. Nick

When was saint nick born?

saint nikkolise was born sometime around 2000- 2004

What are two more names for Santa Claus?

Ol' Saint NickSaint Nicholaus

Santa Claus is also who?

Santa Claus is also a saint. His name is Saint Nick.

What is the maiden name of Santa Claus' wife?

Santa is another name for saint. ergo, there is no Santa, it is saint nick. so saint nick did not have a wife. that is just a tall tale to make children imagine.

When did st.nick die?

saint nick died December

All names for Santa Claus?

saint nick

What do Americans call Father Christmas?

Saint Nick...

What is an alternate name for Santa Claus?

Saint Nick

What do they call santa around the world?

Saint Nick