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The hippies man! fight the man! Peace!

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Q: Who brought parachute pants into style?
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What are the pants that mc hammer called?

parachute pants

Where can you buy parachute pants?

Try a thrift store.

What is the most popular style of pants?

The most popular style of pants is jeans

How do you design a parachute for a middle school project?

For a middle school project, you should design a parachute that is the right size for a small action figure. You can make the parachute out of an old pair of parachute pants.

Do you get wet when you parachute?

if you pee your pants: yes if your bladder can control itself: no

What artist caused the popularity of parachute pants to soar in the late 80's?

Parachute pants became popular in the 80's because of the music artist, MC Hammer. Parachute pants were aptly named because of the nylon synthetic material they were made with. They were used in breaking dancing and came in very bright colors.

What pants did they wear in 1970?

Bellbottom pants were in style then. Check wikipedia.

Who invented parachute pants?

leanardo da vinci George. L. Alfonzo as well

How do you dress up like a genie?

wear some parachute style pants. get a longsleeve shirt cut it short so it shows your belly or get a half see through shirt and put on lots of bangles and a headpiece

What material is commonly used to make harem pants?

Harem pants are often called parachute pants and are baggy long pants that are tapered at the ankle. These pants can be made from many different materials such as cotton, rayon, or polyester. These pants are often made of silk or satin.

What do people wear in 1980?

parachute pants, legwarmers, large hair, heavy makeup. it sucked

Are black velvet pants still in style?


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