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Who built the Pyramids in Mexico?

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There were many civilizations who built pyramids in Mexico. Some of the most prominent were the Teotihuacan, Olmec, Aztec and Mayan civilizations.

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Where were ancient pyramids built?

Ancient Pyramids were built in Egypt and Mexico!

Who built the Aztec pyramids?

The Aztecs built the terrific pyramids in Mexico.they were built to honour their noble gods

Who built the biggest pyramid in Mexico?

Mayans help built the biggest pyramids in Mexico

Where were pyramids built located?

Pyramids have been built all over the world, notably in Egypt and Mexico.

Who built the Mexican pyramids?

The Mayans built their temples in the Mexico areas.

What ancient civilizations built pyramids in Mexico?

the aztecs

Did the Mayans Build the Egyptian Pyramids?

No. The Mayans were in Mexico several thousand years after the Egyptians built the pyramids.

Where were the pyramids built?

Numerous pyramids have been built at different moments in time and in different places. The Great Pyramids at Giza, which are the most famous Egyptian pyramids, are built near to the modern city of Giza on the west bank of the Nile River. Numerous Nubian pyramids were built in southern Egypt. There are Mayan pyramids in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, and numerous other pyramids (such as the Pyramid at the Louvre in Paris).the built the pyramids in EgyptP

Ancient people of Southern Mexico?

they built pyramids and temples you fools!

What civilization built monuments similar to the Egyptian pyramids?

The Mayas, in Mexico.

Did other religious groups build pyramids?

Pyramids were built by ancient Egyptians and also by the Mayans in Central America and Mexico.

Why were pyramids built in Mexico?

Pyramids was a very popular structure - not only in Egypt. Pyramids exist almost all around the world, and they must have been inventet independet

What giant structure was built in Mexico and Central America by pre Colombian peoples?


Who were the people who built the pyramids?

The Egyptians built the pyramids.

Who built the first pyramids in the Americas?

what is the region that includes what is is now mexico and partss of central america

The ancient mayans built pyramids in parts of central America which are now Mexico Belize and?


How were the first pyramids built?

they were step pyramids built out of stone

Who built the great pyramids of Egypt?

The Egyptians built the pyramids.

What were pyramids of Egypt built out of?

the pyramids were built out of rock and sand

Where were the pyramids of Giza built?

the pyramids of Giza were built in Giza

Why were the pyramids of Mayan built?

the mayans built the pyramids for there gods.

What pyramids are in Mexico?

The Aztecs and Mayans, among others, built many pyramids in Mexico and Central America. The largest is the Great Pyramid of Cholula, built by the Aztecs during the period 200 BC to 1600 AD. In volume it is larger than the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Where are the largest pyramids?

the first two are in Egypt but the third (and possibly 5th) are in central Mexico (the Aztecs built them)

Who built pyramids still in Mexico?

Many cultures and civilizations, such as the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Teotihuacans, the Olmecs and Toltecs.

Where were pyramids first built?

The Mesopotamians are said to have built the first pyramids

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