Who built the first computer?

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In the 19th Century, Charles Babbage built a mechanical device to calculate values such as logarithms, which could be considered to be the first computer.

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Q: Who built the first computer?
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When was the first hp computer built?

The first hp computer built in 1937.

Where was the computer first built?

The first computer was built between 1942 and 1951. The first computer was a mechanical computer that was created by one Charles Babbage.

When were the first computers built?

The first electromechanical computer was built in 1939 by German engineer Konrad Zuse. The first personal computer was built in 1964 by the Italian company Olivetti.

What year were computers invented?

Some might say that the Babbage Difference Engine was the first computer. It was built in 1822. The first programmable computer was the Z1 built in Germany in 1938. The Colossus was the first electric computer in 1943. The Atanasoff-Berry Computer was the first digital computer in 1937. ENIAC was completed in 1946. IBM built their first mainframe in 1953. The first mincomputer was built in 1960. Hewlett Packard built the first desktop computer in 1968 called the HP9100A.

Where was the first computer build at?

The answer depends on how you define a computer. Konrad Zuse built the first electronic computer at Berlin, Germany The first electronic computer in the US was built at Ames, Iowa by John Atanasoff.

What date was the first computer built?

in 1977

Do you think that the ENIAC computer was the first computer ever built?


Who built the built the first Apple computer?

The Apple I computer was single handedly designed and assembled by Steve Wozniak.

Who built the first programmable computer?

The first programmable computer was built by Konrad zuse somewhere between the years built between 1936 and 1938. and the blue prints where from Charles baggage

What year was the first computer ever built?


When was the first computer built and what was it called?

horest house

In what year was the first computer built?

1946 1946

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