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Who can learn Draco meteor in Pokemon diamond?

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Any dragon Pokemon can learn Draco meteor.

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It's not possible to learn Draco Meteor in Leafgreen due to it not existing until Generation 4 games like Diamond.

You have to learn it through the move tutor. In Diamond, the tutor is on Route 210 in the house.

These can learn Draco Meteor: Dragonite Salamence Hydriegon Haxorus Garchomp

Garchomp can learn Draco Meteor because it is a satisfactory/powerful dragon type Pokemon.

Yes, only Dragon-Type Pokemon can learn Draco Meteor*. Flygon is Dragon and Ground type. In all games, Draco Meteor needs to be taught- no Pokemon can learn Draco Meteor by leveling up. This is where the Draco Meteor move tutor is (note, Draco Meteor is only available in Generation IV onwards); Diamond/Pearl/Platinum- Lady in House on Route 210 HeartGold/SoulSilver- Blackthorn City Black/White- Iris in her house in Opelucid City *Jirachi can know Draco Meteor from an event. Smeargle can Sketch Draco Meteor Arceus can only learn Draco Meteor when it is holding the Draco Plate. When this is removed, Arceus still knows Draco Meteor. Also, Draco Meteor can only be taught when the Pokemon's happiness is very high.

Draco Meteor is not available by TM or Move Tutor in Pokemon Platinum.

No, Draco meteor can only be learnt from the move tutor

Palkia cannot learn Draco Meteor by leveling it up.An old lady near Route 210 can teach draco meteor to dragon type pokemon

Dragonite can not learn Draco Meteor by leveling up. You teach it with a Move Tutor.

Yes, Rayquaza can learn Draco meteor.

No, Feraligatr can't learn Draco Meteor.

it learns Draco meteor by talking to grandma Wilma in blacthorn city or if it is in Pokemon diamond, pearl,platinum go north of solaceon town in the fog. hope this helped^^

Any pokemon with Dragon as one of their types can learn Draco Meteor.

Meteor Rain? Are you thinking of Meteor Mash or Draco Meteor or are you playing Pokemon Black & White

I think you are mistaking "meteor blast", for meteor mash, or Draco meteor. Arceus can't learn meteor mash, but can learn Draco meteor by leveling it while it's holding the Draco plate.

Yes, Deino can learn Draco Meteor from the appropriate Move Tutor.

Well, I know Dragonite can know it. Some Legendaries can learn it, like Mew. I know it's mostly Dragon types you see that use Draco Meteor. In Platinum, if you tag battle with Riley, he'll have a Legendary or Pokemon of some sort that knows Draco Meteor.

No that's a 4th generation move that can be only taught in 4th generation Pokemon games such as Diamond.

You can't make flygon learn Draco meteor in emerald Sapphire and ruby, but you can migrate flygon to d/p and platinum then try to find a house in the foggy area the psyduck were blocking if you talk to her she will teach one of your Pokemon Draco meteor but your Pokemon have to really like you so she can teach Draco meteor. Hope I hellped :))))))))))

It can't learn that move cause it doesn't exist in leafgreen.

I don't think there are any Pokemon who can learn it naturally, except maybe Jirachi, so you'd have to teach it

You need to go to Celestic town. There are a few trainers there but there is a house at the end. Go inside and talk to the old lady. If you have bonded enough she will teach Draco Meteor.

No, Ho-Oh is not capable of knowing Draco Meteor.

he doesn't learn Draco meteor by him self you have to teach it from him by an old lady i don't know where. Well I do you go to blackthorn city and go inside a hut thing next to the Pokemon centre. then you talk to the lady

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