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if you are into athletes, you could probably do LeBron James, vince carter, shaq, freddy adu, Dwight Howard, dwyane wade, or tiki barber. those are my black idols anyway. i would definitely do them when i have a report!! :) BOOYAH!!!

Oprah Winfrey, jackie joyner kersee,

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Q: Who can you do a report on for black history month?
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Is Jimi Hendrix a good black history month report?

Of course he is! Jimi Hendrix is notably one of the best electric guitarists of all time, and he is an important part of music history. Jimi Hendrix was a revolutionary and an inspiration. I'm sure that he would make a great black history month report.

When is Black history month in Canada?

What Month is Black history month in Canada

I have to write a book report on black history month can you write it for me?

no do it your self u should know not in school you are

What month is black history celebrated?

Black history month is about the people that fought our right such as discrimination, civil rights, prejudice ,and racism.

Is Will Smith in black history month?

Is he black than yes anyone whos black is in black history month

Why do you have black history month?

we have black history month to remember the hard times for the blacks.

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How many days are in black history month?

There are 28 in February since it is Black History month.

Who established black history month?

Carter G. Woodson Established Black History Month

When was Black History Month - song - created?

Black History Month - song - was created in 1979.

Is it black history mouth?

Black history month is in February.

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