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Who caused rebellion in Pennsylvania?

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Caused rebellion in Pennsylvania?

The federal whiskey tax produced the whiskey rebellion.

The sepoy rebellion was caused by?

The sepoy rebellion was caused by

What caused the farmers in western Pennsylvania to revolt during the Whishey Rebellion?

The United States government put tax on selling wheat.

What caused the Bower Rebellion?

Boxer Rebellion?

Location of the whiskey rebellion?

The Whiskey Rebellion was located in Western Pennsylvania.

What was the location of the whiskey rebellion?

the location of the Whiskey Rebellion was...Western Pennsylvania

Where did the Whiskey Rebellion happen?

In Pennsylvania

Where did the whiskey rebellion start?


Where was the whisky rebellion?

Pennsylvania. Click the link below for more information about the Rebellion.

What caused Shays Rebellion to happen?

They put a tax on corn and so alot of farmers were angry and caused a rebellion.

What cause farmers in western Pennsylvania to revolt during the whiskey rebellion?

The farmers in Western Pennsylvania revolted during the Whiskey Rebellion because of Hamilton's taxes.

What caused the Samuel Sharpe rebellion?

His rebellion was against slavery in Jamaica.

What rebellion caused the founding fathers to rewrite the constitution?

shays' rebellion.

Where was the location of Shays rebellion?

Pennsylvania. Abbreviation: Penn.

What Rebellion caused the leaders finally to call for a Constitutional Convention?

Shays Rebellion in Massachusetts Shays Rebellion Shay's Rebellion Shay's

What was the name of the 1794 Rebellion in Pennsylvania?

Washington put down The Whiskey Rebellion through a show of force.

Who started the whiskey rebellion?

Farmers in western Pennsylvania started it.

Farmers in western Pennsylvania protested taxes in the?

whiskey rebellion

Alexander Hamilton's taxes led to rebellion in?

western Pennsylvania

What was unfair about the whiskey rebellion?

What was unfair about the whiskey rebellion was that the western farmers from Pennsylvania were taxed on whiskey but the other farmers were not!

Shays rebellion was cause by this problem?

Shays Rebellion was caused by foreclosures on farmers properties.

What year did the whiskey rebellion happen?

happened in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1794

What was shays rebellion caused by?

The Shays' Rebellion in Massachusetts was named after its leader Daniel Shays. The rebellion was due to the economic crisis and financial difficulties.

What caused bacons rebellion what was it Why is it important?

Bacon's Rebellion The governor of Virginia, and his associates in the commercial ventures in the colony.

Major middle-colonies' rebellion that caused thirty-three deaths?

Major middle-colonies' rebellion that caused thirty-three deaths?