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Who claimed New York?

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James the duck of York

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Was New York claimed by the french?

No it was not claimed by the French

What 3 states claimed land between New York and New Hampshire?

New Hampshire was claimed by Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York.

Who claimed the area of new york for the french?

A man named Samuel De Champlain claimed New York.

What area claimed by New York and New Hampshire became a separate state?

The area claimed by New York and New Hampshire s now the state of Vermont.

The area around New York was claimed by who?

This area was first claimed by Holland.

What Europeans claimed New York?


Which European nation claimed the Hudson river?

New York and New Hampshire claimed the Hudson River.

Who claimed Vermont?

Both New York and New Hampshire.

What European country originally claimed the land in present day New York?

The Dutch originally claimed and settled the city of New York (then called New Amsterdam) and the Hudson Valley in what is now the state of New York.

What country claimed New York?

England, a clue of that is because New York state is in New England

What explorer claimed the New York area for the dutch?

Duke of york

What country first claimed New York?

The Netherlands.

Who claimed New York area for dutch?


What colony was claimed by three countries?

new york

What island is claimed by both new york and new jersey?

Ellis Island

Who claimed the aera of New York for the French?

Samuel de Champlain

Which colony was claimed by England France and Holland?

New York

State originally claimed by the Dutch?

New York (NY)

Who claimed New York area for the Dutch?

Henry Hudson

What states claimed vermont?

new york and someone elese

Which two rival New York City newspapers claimed that Spain was responsible for the explosion of the US Maine?

the new york giants and the new york jets!

What two states claimed ownership of Ellis Island?

New York and New Jersey

What state now exists in area claimed by New York and New Hampshire?


What colony was claimed by three countries at the same time?

New york

When did they find New York?

It was first claimed by Henry Hudson on 1609.