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Q: Who composed lay lady lay?
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When was Lay Lady Lay created?

Lay Lady Lay was created on 1969-03-27.

What are the songs composed by Lady Gaga?

The songs composed by Lady GaGa was Electric Kiss and Captivated.

What does the female lady bug have to do to lay its eggs?

how do female lady bugs lay there eggs

When was Lady Lay Down created?

Lady Lay Down was created in 1978-10.

Who composed need you now by lady antebellum?

Lady Antebellum

Who composed bad romance by Lady Gaga?

lady gaga of course

How many eggs can a lady bug lay?

a lady bug can lay up tp 1,000 eggs in a life time!

Do ladybugs lay eggs?

Female lady bugs do lay eggs.

Do male lady bugs lay eggs?

No, only the females lay eggs.

Do ladybeetles lay eggs?

Yes. Lady beetles are insects which lay eggs.

What is the Bob Dylan song Lay Lady Lay about?

Dylan wrote alot of lyrics with somewhat obscured meanings which could be interpreted, but I like to take Lay Lady Lay literally. -It's a man wanting the company of a woman. I feel that rarely is there one simple meaning to a Dylan song. Therefore I consider it no coincidence that the style of the "poem" could be referd to as a "lay" here are the various definitions of the word lay. Also a "lay lady" could easily mean, a normal average lady, as in lay person, lay man or lay lady. Thyere is almost no denying the sexual nature though. he's asking Sara not to leave him

What kind of dog is 'Lady' from Lay and the Tramp?

Lady is an American Cocker Spaniel.

Who composed the song born this way?

Lady Gaga

Musical lead-in to Tomorrow with Tom Snyder?

Lay Lady Lay Bob Dylan

Do lady bugs lay egg?

yes they lay several. they don't die after laying them

Do lady beetles die after they lay their eggs?

No. Lady beetles lay anywhere between 700 and 2000 eggs over their 100-day lifetime.

How do you pernonce Lady Gaga's name?

Lady Gaga: (LAY-DI GAH-GAH)

Do lady bugs lay eggs?


Who was the composer for Loch Lomand?

Apparently it was composed by Lady Jane Scott in 1840. She also composed Annie Laurie.

Why do lady bugs lay on their backs?

They don't. It happens by accident.

Who Lionel Richie composed Lady for which artist to sing?

Kenny Rogers

Lionel Richie composed Lady for which artist to sing?

Kenny Rogers

Who composed bad romance Lizzie or Lady Ga Ga?

Stefani J. Germanotta, AKA Lady Gaga :)

How many eggs does a lady bug lay?

About 1000 in its life time

How long does a lady swan lay on its eggs?

for 4 moths the she leaves