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Who consumed the first Hershey's chocolate bar?

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I would guess either Mister Hershey or Mister Hershey's wife. But that's only a guess.

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What was the first chocolate candy bar?

A hersheys bar

What is the most loved chocolate bar?


What is the most popular chocolate bar in the world?


How thick is a Hersheys chocolate bar?

0.15 in i think

What is the Hershey chocolate revolution?

When Hersheys Chocolate fought against the Hersheys Dark Chocolate bar.. They both soon started to battle in the Chocolate with peanuts land so they joined in. They called up their allies as well, the Cookies & cream Chocolate Bar.

Which chocolate bar melts faster in the sun crunch or Hersheys?

i think that the hersheys will melt faster in the sun

List of candies that start with h?

heath bars-chocolate hersheys-chocolate bar

What candy bar is so good you got to earn?

hersheys milk chocolate

How many ounces in Hersheys bar?

The standard size milk chocolate Hershey bar is 1.55 ounces.

What candy bar named for a famous author?

hersheys chocolate bar. named by Milton Hershey.

Is their a chocolate made in1943?

if u mean was chocalte around in 1943 yes the first hersheys bar was made in the mid 1800's

Worlds most consumed chocolate bar?


Is there a candy bar with 'five' in the name?

Take 5, A chocolate bar from Hersheys with pretzels and peanut butter

What factory makes the Hersheys chocolate bar?

well you know that all you have to do is go to Hersey park.

What was the weight of a 1960 Hershey's 0.10 chocolate bar with almonds?

what did a hersheys with almonds weigh in 1960

Which chocolate bar melts the fastest of Hershey Reese or Snicker?

Hersheys chocolate bar, because its just chocolate has no nuts, or caramel like snickers.But Reese could melt fast to but it has more fat.

How much fat can you gian from one bar of chocolate?

A lot....german chocolate contains a lot of fat if that helps so like a hersheys chocolate bar would probably be a little less than that. :]

Are there insects in Hersheys chocolate?

There are an average of 8 insect legs in a chocolate bar. The insects come along with the cocoa plant, in most cases.

What brand of chocolate bar melt fastest in the sun?

i think hersheys will melt the fastest because it is made of all chocolate and that is what im focusing on.

Why would a person who likes chocolate has just consumed five bar's be unwilling to pay as much far a sixth bar of chocolate as they did for the first bar?

It's called the law of diminishing returns...

How many calories in a Hersheys candy bar?

A Hershey's original milk chocolate candy bar has approximately 210 calories.210 calories.

What candy bar was named after inventor's dog?

Hershey's there once was a scientist who had a chocolate brown dog...His name was Hersheys

How did the Hershey bar affect the world?

more people who eat hersheys chocolate, save the planet from global warming.

Who when and where was the Hersheys white chocolete bar invented?

the hersheys bar was invent by milton s. hershey in 1900

What was the most popular food in WW2?

Coca- cola, Hersheys chocolate bar, Kellogs Corn flakes, Jello, Spam