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Who controls gas prices?

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Many entities control gas prices. When the U.S. government places tax on gas that is a price control. When the U.S. government keeps oil companies from drilling and building refineries, or making the cost exorbitant, that affects gas prices. When the Middle East countries cut back the amount of oil they drill for, that causes gas prices to rise. The evrironmentalists, putting heavy regulations on gasoline raises gas prices.

These are just a few that affect the price of gas.

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Which of the these controls prices and availability in an industry?

A monopoly controls prices and availability in an industry.

A market in which no one controls the prices is called?

A market in which no one controls the prices is called

lowest gas prices?

lowest gas prices ? lowest gas prices for southern illinois ?

Gas prices in 2007?

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Who controls oil prices?


Who controls the prices of petroleum in india?

you do

Is the president going to change the gas prices?

Since when did the president control the gas prices? The President can't control the gas prices. The only way the gas prices will go down is when gas companies can buy the gas for less.

What were gas prices in 1990?

Gas prices in 1990 were $1.34

What were gas prices in 2009?

the gas prices in 2009 were about 3.20

What were Gas prices in 1993?

Gas prices in 1993 were at an average of $1.07.

How do rising gas prices affect teenagers?

The rising gas prices will affect teenages just as the rising gas prices affect everyone.

How much did gas cost in 1930?

The historical gas prices were pretty cheap than the gas prices today. In 1930s the gas prices were 17 cents per gallon.

Gas prices in 1996?

The gas prices in 1996 ranged from poo to crap.

What were the gas prices in 2000?

what were the gas prices in 2000? $3.00 per gallon!

Gas Prices 1992?

In 1992 gas prices are just $1.19 to $1.30

Gas prices during bush era?

Bush's gas prices went as high as 4.40 in July of 2008. Demand, not presidents, control gas prices.

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how much is gas prices

Which gas controls your rate of breathing?

it not a gas it your brain

Gas prices 1995?

The gas prices in 1995 were about $1.15 per gallon. This was the price for a gallon of regular gas.

How do you lower gas prices?

you can lower gas prices by asking people to sign a petition

Why are gas prices rising near doomsday in 2012?

Gas Prices are changeing not because of the hoax 2012 stuff. Gas Prices are rising because of Foriegn stuff united states is putting are selfs in to. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER GAS PRICES.

What groups controls the prices of Arab oil?


What is the function of a Bunsen burner gas regulator?

Where fitted, a gas regulator controls the amount of gas entering the burner.

Why do gas prices change?

gas prices need to be changed for diesel companies are losing money.

What will gas prices be in 30 years?

In 30 years, gas prices will be well above $8.00.

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