Who created Spiderman?

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STEVE DITKOActually, both Stan Lee and Steve DitkoIssue number "15" of AMAZING FANTASY comic book was the first appearance of Webhead.

STAN LEE provided the basic CONCEPT of Spidey aka Peter Parker.

STEVE DITKO Ditko provided the CHARACTER DESIGN of the "webster".

Correctly Spider-Man (hyphenated) The character was invented under the oversight of the famed Stan Lee of Marvel Comics Group in l96l He"s comparativoley modern compared to Superman(l938) or some of the animal Cartoons. there were secveral cartoonists involved i believe a Steven Ditko. Jack Kirby drew the character but did not invent it. Always a marvel comics character.

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Q: Who created Spiderman?
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When was Spiderman of the Rings created?

Spiderman of the Rings was created on 2007-05-08.

How many Spiderman books were created?

There are over 100 Spiderman comic books created.

What is the point of Spider-Man?

Stan lee created Spiderman when he was a bit bored, and was young. he created Spiderman to get kids attention, because Spiderman is a student like the kids in the neighborhood

Is there going to be the amzing Spiderman 4?

no, the amazing spiderman 4 is never gonig to be created

What are the names of the spider man movies?

Spiderman, Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3, Amazing Spiderman, Amazing Spiderman 2, Spiderman homecoming, Spiderman into the Spider-verse, and Spiderman far from home.

Who made Spider-Man?

Stan Lee created Spiderman

When did Spider-Man first come to be?

spiderman was created in 1956

When did the first Spider-Man cartoon come out?

The first Spiderman cartoon came out in August 1962 in the comic "Amazing Fantasy #15". Spiderman was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Spiderman is one of the most popular superheroes.

What types of Spider-Man are there?

There is spiderman 2099, spiderman noir, Captain Universe (spiderman), spiderman when he wore a fantastic four costume, symbiote spiderman, spider-carnage, armour spiderman, man-spider, spiderman 2211, spiderman with ock's machine arms, amazing spiderman, scarlett spider, spiderman unlimited, ben reilly and peter Parker. Courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood spiderman ;)

Can you be Spiderman?

You can't actually be spiderman. But you can create alternate things that were there in the spiderman movie. Although it wont help, it is just fun to be a fan of things. What i mean is for example, in spiderman movies web fluid has been created, but in real life too something like web fluid and something that shoots can be created. So yeah the original answer is no you cant be spiderman, and if you try to be you will risk your life by falling from buildings and if you really want to try some of the skills you can combine some of the chemicals to make others. You know what i mean

Where Spider-Man was created?

Spiderman was created in the 1960s by a writer of Marvel Comics, which is in the USA. Stan Lee came up with the idea and snuck the first Spiderman issue into print by using it as a replacement for a failing comic book.

Who invented spider man?

Spiderman was created by Stan Lee in 1962.

Who created spiderman theme song?

J. Robert Harris and Pail Francis Webster

why was spiderman a movie?

Spiderman was just created to entertain people at first as a series kinda thing. But later when spiderman got famous among kids then they thought of creating more of them and now you can obviously see the position those films are in. THEY ARE PERFECT. So the answer just might be just to entertain

Who created the spider man comic book?

Stan 'The Man' Lee and Steve Ditko both created Spiderman .

Is Spiderman stronger than Rapunzel?

Yes. Spiderman is smarter than her too. Spiderman has webs. Spiderman would win Rapunzel in a fight.

How does the Spiderman song sound like?

The Spiderman song sings "Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size. Catches thieves, just like flies. Look out! Here comes the Spiderman".

What list of all the Spider-Man ps2 games?

spiderman web of shadow ultimate spiderman spiderman 3 spiderman 2 spiderman

How old is spiderman in ultimate spiderman?

Well he is 176 years old in ultimate spiderman, kiddy"

Who is the most famous fictional character created by marvel comics?

most likely spiderman

What comic is Spider-Man in?

Spiderman Appears in The Amazing Spiderman, Spectacular Spiderman,Peter Parker:Spiderman NOTE Peter Parker Spiderman Is No longer in print, same with spectacle spiderman

What are some good spiderman party supplies?

Some great Spiderman themed party supplies include: spiderman placesettings (plates, napkins, etc), some spiderman masks, balloons, and spiderman licensed goodie bags for guests.

How do you become a spdierman?

you can never be spiderman, because spiderman is a comical character, and not real life, like humans, spiderman is a fake

Will carnage be in spiderman 4?

there is no spiderman 4

Who was the hero in Spiderman?

Spiderman - Peter Parker.