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Who created The Phantom?

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The Phantom was developed by Lee Falk.

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When was The Phantom Public created?

The Phantom Public was created in 1925.

When was Phantom Ranger created?

Phantom Ranger was created in 1997.

When was The Phantom in the House created?

The Phantom in the House was created in 1929.

When was Return of the Phantom created?

Return of the Phantom was created in 1993.

When was Vox Phantom created?

Vox Phantom was created in 1963.

When was Phantom Beirut created?

Phantom Beirut was created in 1998.

When was Phantom Blot created?

Phantom Blot was created in 1939.

When was Phantom Blue created?

Phantom Blue was created in 1987.

When was The Phantom of the Temple created?

The Phantom of the Temple was created in 1966.

When was The Phantom of the Air created?

The Phantom of the Air was created in 1933.

When was Phantom Records created?

Phantom Records was created in 1979.

When was Phantom Breaker created?

Phantom Breaker was created on 2011-06-02.

When was Desert Phantom created?

Desert Phantom was created on 1936-03-10.

When was Phantom Moon created?

Phantom Moon was created on 2001-02-27.

When was Phantom of the Megaplex created?

Phantom of the Megaplex was created on 2000-11-10.

When was Danny Phantom created?

Danny Phantom was created on 2004-04-03.

When was The Phantom of Venice created?

The Phantom of Venice was created on 2008-07-11.

When was The Phantom Empire created?

The Phantom Empire was created on 1935-02-23.

When was Phantom Phorce created?

Phantom Phorce was created on 2004-04-19.

When was Cigarette Smoke Phantom created?

Cigarette Smoke Phantom was created in 2002.

When was The Phantom of Morrisville created?

The Phantom of Morrisville was created on 1966-07-15.

When was Phantom Thunderbolt created?

Phantom Thunderbolt was created on 1933-03-05.

When was The Phantom Planet created?

The Phantom Planet was created on 1961-12-13.

When was Midnight Phantom created?

Midnight Phantom was created on 1935-11-27.

When was The Phantom Foe created?

The Phantom Foe was created on 1920-10-11.