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President Lyndon B. Johnson created domestic programs that were referred to as the Great Society. The programs were designed to eliminate poverty and racial injustice.

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Q: Who created programs called Great Society?
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What President Lyndon B. Johnson Called His Programs?

The Great Society - Apex

Johnson's Great Society created what medical programs?

Medicaid and Medicare

What did Reagan do to the programs created under Johnson's great society?

they were cut back

Richard Nixon's plan for dismantling the Great Society programs was called?

New Federalism

What areas were not helped by programs created under the great society?

Senators who wanted less government.

What is the difference and similarity of the Great Depression programs and the Great Society Programs?

The Great Depression in the United States began on October 29, 1929 and the Great Society programs started in response to the Great Depression programs.

Lyndon Johnson's domestic policy was called?

His program was known as the Great Society.

What happened to the Federal budget after the Great Society programs?

The Federal budget increased tremendously after the Great Society programs became law.

How did the rising cost of the war affect President Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society plan?

president johnson cut back on great society programs to help pay for the war

What was Richard Nixon's plan for dismantling the great society programs?

This was called the New Federalism. Nixon had ideas for getting rid of these programs and sending the country into a different direction.

How did great society suffer from the Vietnam war?

The Great Society was NOT the result of the Vietnam war. They were a set of domestic programs and the main objective of the programs was the elimination of poverty and inequality. Medicare is one of the programs that came about as a result of the programs. Federal funding for education was also part of the Great Society. In the last two or three months much of these programs have been eliminated or will be changed.

When was Radio Society of Great Britain created?

Radio Society of Great Britain was created in 1913.