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Q: Who created the show Barney the purple Dinosaur?
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Is it true that the show Barney the purple dinosaur is canceled?

no.its not canceled

What is the green characters name on Barney?

Barney & Friends is a popular show for young children featuring Barney, the purple dinosaur. Barney's green dinosaur friend is Baby Bop.

Who play Barnby the kids show purple dinasora?

The actor who played Barney, the purple dinosaur from the popular kid's show, was David Joyner.

Barney the dinosaur?

Barney was a lovable kids purple dinosaur who sang songs many children who were on Barney and Friends are very famous now I'm not sure why they stopped making the show, though.

Who created Barney the Dinosaur?

Barney the Dinosaur was created by Sheryl Leach in 1987. Dennis DeShazer and Kathy Parker were instrumental in helping Sheryl bring Barney to life in the tv show.

What is the name of the purple dinosaur who plays the title role in the show Teaching Children Good Manners?


Where can you purchase a Barney DVD?

Barney was a popular children's television show about a purple dinosaur. One can purchase Barney DVD's on Amazon or eBay. There are many different titles of videos one can choose from.

Who is the actor Barney the purple dinosaur?

Carey Stinson is currently in the suit and Dean Wendt does his voice. This is for the television show and videos related to it, but Dean does Barney's voice no matter what.

At Walt Disney World whats A Day in the Park With Barney?

A Day in the Park with Barney at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL is the popular live purple dinosaur kiddie show. It

Did Barney swear to people on his show?

That is quite a funny question but yes, on one show Barney the Dinosaur actually said F*** off.

Who is Barney danson?

Barney Danson! He is the one who melested children, shot them, and cussed on t.v. His show is not very educated and he plays a big purple dinosaur that is six feet tall. and is really old right now or even dead!

Dose Barney have a gun?

Barney who? On the Andy Griffith show, Barney Fife carried a gun, but his bullet was in his pocket in most episodes. If you mean Barney the Dinosaur, I hope he doesn't.

Who is barney?

Barney is a fictional dinosaur for toddlers. The show "Barney" is the show for toddlers to watch and maybe learn basics for preschool. If you have any more to add to this answer, please contact a Supervisor to unprotect it. This is subject to vandalism.

When should you stop watching Barney the dinosaur?

Barney the dinosaur is very educational show that really help kids to familiarize numbers, letters, shapes, songs and many more. I think kids will stop watching barney at elementary grades.

When did Barney the purple Dinosaur premiere?

Barney & Friends is an independent children's television show produced in the United States, aimed at very young children ages 1-8. The series, which first aired in 1992, features the title character Barney, a purple anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex who conveys learning through songs and small dance routines with a friendly, optimistic attitude

Who performed Barney the purple dinosaurs voice?

Bob West was the voice of "Barney" until 2001. Dean Wendt took over the voice of "Barney" after Bob left the show.

What was the name of the kids show about a purple dragon who owned a shop and a small mouse?

Barney and friends

What is Dinosaur office?

It is a Youtube show that is created by CollageHumor

Did Barney the dinosaur actor go to jail?

Yes he did 1. For punching the producer 2. for snorting cocaine in the Barney suit 3. he was smuggling drugs, and giving to the kids that were on the show.

Who created the children's show Barney?

it was created by Dallas teacher Sheryl Leach

What was the title of the little kids show about a man who would jump out of a wishing well and grant children's wishes?

barney the dinosaur

Did Selena Gomez play on Barney the dinosaur?

Yes. Her and Demi Lovato became best friends by being on the show together.

How does Barney the dinosaur open his mouth?

barny the dinosaur is a puppet whos show got cancled because he tripped and said a word that 3 year olds shouldn't hear.

Who played Barney the dinosaur on TV show?

Bob West played Barney from 1988-2001. Dean Wendt took over 2002-present. To all those who say Barney curses, he's on drugs. That IS NOT TRUE!

Does Barney cuss on show? to snopes, Barney is not a live show and would've been edited so that no cussing would be displayed. Also, Barney is dubbed - there is no microphone in the suit, so we would not hear the guy in the dinosaur cussing at all.