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Tom Buchanan

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Myrtle Wilson is the character who cries over the box of dog biscuits in The Great Gatsby. She becomes upset when she sees them and realizes that they are for her husband's dog, not for her. This incident highlights Myrtle's feelings of being neglected and overlooked in her marriage.

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Q: Who cries over the dog biscuits in The Great Gatsby?
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Who does daisy hit with a car in The Great Gatsby?

Daisy hits Myrtle Wilson with a car in The Great Gatsby. Daisy is driving Gatsby's car when the accident occurs.

Where did the fight take place between Gatsby and Buchanan in The Great Gatsby?

The fight between Gatsby and Buchanan took place at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in "The Great Gatsby". It was a tense and pivotal moment in the novel where simmering tensions between the characters boiled over.

How do Gatsby and daisy meet again?

Gatsby and Daisy meet again at Nick's house for tea when Gatsby arranges the meeting. This occurs in Chapter 5 of "The Great Gatsby."

What is the meaning of the symbol of the clock Gatsby knocks over in The Great Gatsby?

The clock that Gatsby knocks over in The Great Gatsby symbolizes Gatsby's attempts to control time and recreate the past. By breaking the clock, Gatsby demonstrates the futility of trying to turn back time and recapture lost moments with Daisy. It represents Gatsby's struggle with reality and his refusal to accept the passage of time.

Why did Daisy cry when she saw Gatsby's shirts?

Daisy cries over Gatsby's shirts because they make her regret choosing Tom over Gatsby. She understands now that Gatsby had become wealthy and this frustrates her. Throughout this entire novel she is torn between her love of Gatsby and her marriage to Tom.

What is the conflict between Gatsby's Daisy and Tom in great Gatsby?

The conflict between Gatsby's Daisy and Tom in "The Great Gatsby" is primarily due to their past relationship and Daisy's inability to fully commit to Gatsby. Tom represents the old-money elite that Daisy is accustomed to, while Gatsby represents new wealth and a chance at a new life. Daisy's indecision and fear of social consequences ultimately lead to her choosing Tom over Gatsby.

Who was responsible for Gatsby's fate in The Great Gatsby?

Gatsby's fate in The Great Gatsby was influenced by a variety of characters, including Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan, and even Jay Gatsby himself. Ultimately, Gatsby's fate can be attributed to the moral emptiness of the society he lived in, where wealth and status were prioritized over personal integrity and genuine connections.

What is daisys reaction to gatsbys shirt collection?

Daisy is impressed by Gatsby's shirt collection, describing them as "beautiful shirts" and appearing emotional about them. She is moved by the opulence and extravagance of the shirts, which symbolize wealth and luxury to her.

What allusion is made in The Great Gatsby to an ancient Roman?

Gaius Pompeius Trimalchio Maecenatianus was noted for having ostentatious parties with over the top decorations and foods. Gatsby was compared to him.

Why does Gatsby offer Nick work in the novel The Great Gatsby?

Gatsby offers Nick work as a gesture of gratitude and to strengthen their friendship. It also serves as a way for Gatsby to involve Nick in his extravagant lifestyle and to keep him close by as a confidant.

What does Gatsby knock off on the mantle?

In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby," Gatsby accidentally knocks over a clock on the mantle in Daisy's mansion during a visit. This scene symbolizes Gatsby's attempt to stop time and reconnect with Daisy, reflecting his desire to recreate the past.

What does it mean when a boy cries over a girl?

When a boy cries over a girl , it means he have been hurt. The reason may be anything . But when a boy cries over a girl , it means that the girl is very important to him .